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Top Kitchen Trends of 2023

The Top Kitchen Trends of 2023 you can’t miss!

Are you on a search to find the best trends of 2023 for your kitchen remodeling? Look no further, as we have aligned the best ideas for you to uplift your kitchen experience this year!

Whether adding new storage space, bringing more color to your kitchen, or renovating countertops, we have numerous options you can choose from. Give your kitchen the makeover it deserves with the latest kitchen remodel trends.

Being in the center of your home, your kitchen is a space that brings the family together. Having a good meal and a good view can upgrade your kitchen experience. Make the most of it this year with top kitchen trends!


Backsplashes are one of the essential elements of your kitchen. They can uplift the entire mood of your space.

Before we delve deeper, you must go for the kind that is aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean. Backsplashes get dirty often, and you want to avoid getting stuck with a type that is hard to clean. The latest kitchen trends of 2023 are attractive and easy to use.

Slab Backsplashes: If you want to achieve a modern and unique look, marble or stone are the best options. Add a dramatic and bold look to your kitchen space with black, white, and grey slab colors. Ceramic tiles are also very trendy these days. They come in numerous colors, textures, and sizes.

Wallpaper Backsplashes: Wallpaper backsplashes are a quick way to remodel your kitchen. With numerous colors and textures to choose from, you can enhance your kitchen look instantly. They come in multiple patterns and textures.

Copper Mirrored Backsplashes: If you want a spacious look in your kitchen, then copper mirrored backsplashes are the best option. They are reflective, giving your kitchen an airy feel. Moreover, copper mirrored backsplashes also complement dark colors. Mixing it with black or grey tones would create an earthy, deep kitchen look.

Get started with new backsplashes for your kitchen now. With so many ideas, there is no time to waste on a new, eye-catching backsplash.


Color is the most striking part of your kitchen. It all depends on the theme you are aiming for as well. If you are opting for a more modern look, then light and subtle colors are a perfect choice. On the contrary, a ranch look would require you to have a darker and woody kitchen décor.

Black: Using a color like black was considered too experimental. Now, it gives a modern and exquisite feel to your kitchen space. Paint your cabinets in matte black and make your kitchen speak volumes of luxury.

Olive green: Give your kitchen an earthy look by choosing olive green as your kitchen color. It sets up a neutral feel to your space. If you like to experiment less or go overboard, then olive green is the perfect color to give your kitchen a new, noticeable look.

Yellow: Yellow is a color that defines joy, love, and happiness. Your kitchen space is where your family bonds. Enjoy those precious moments by adding a striking color to your kitchen, which is also one of the hottest trends this year.

Blue Tones: Blue is a color that instantly uplifts your kitchen mood and helps you make a statement. You can use this color with greens to add a contrasting effect. Adding blue undertones to tour the kitchen can enhance its vibrancy.

Subtle tones: Not all kitchen spaces require a bold, dramatic effect. If you want a neutral tone for your kitchen, go for subtle, pastel colors. You can add vibrant colors to smaller kitchen areas like taps or cabinets. The contrasting effect will give your kitchen a unique, modern, and posh look.

We gather your excitement levels have aroused reading about these fantastic colors. Without waiting any further, revamp your kitchen style now!


The right kind of lighting can uplift your kitchen design. It may not be the essential part of your kitchen remodeling, but it does make a huge difference if not done right. Adding luxurious items to your regular, daily-life lights can give your kitchen space the facelift it needs. Make your kitchen an enjoyable place in your home by using statement lighting.

Chandeliers: If you want to add a regal and glamorous feel to your kitchen, then chandeliers are your best buy. Whether you opt for a fancy or subtle chandelier, chandeliers bring out the extra oomph factor to your kitchens.

LED Lights: We are talking about the new LED strip lights, which have powerful lighting. They can light up your kitchen space, making it bright and vibrant. They are available in various colors to set the tone according to your theme.

Pendant Lights: Pendant lights have always been the classic kitchen lights used over countertops. Having them modernizes your kitchen space. This year’s trend also comprises pendant lights. They are easy to install and come in numerous shapes and sizes.

Wall Lights: The classic, old wall light will never be old-fashioned. They are perfect for your vintage-themed, traditional kitchen spaces. However, with new designs coming each year, you also have various ideas for your modern, minimalistic-themed kitchen.

Become adventurous and get kitchen lights that add luxury and richness to your dim-lit kitchen spaces.


Countertops are essential in kitchen décor. Your countertops are the first elements of your kitchen design that strike. This year’s trends have many countertop designs to choose from and enhance your previous look!

Marble: Marble countertops may cost you more than other materials, but they are long-lasting. Marble countertops are also more common since they give your kitchens a more pronounced and luxurious look. They are also resistant to heat, which makes them a perfect material for your kitchen activities.

Granite: Granite countertops are easy to clean and also heat resistant. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. They are also available in a variety of colors. This year’s trends circulate solid colors and veined granite.

Porcelain: Porcelain countertops are versatile, and their maintenance cost is low too. They are also durable, which is essential for all your kitchen items. Go for porcelain countertops for the perfect, sleek kitchen look.

Quartz: Quartz countertops are trendy because of their durability. They are also easy to clean and have numerous color, texture, and pattern options. Lift your kitchen game with affordable quartz countertops.

Butcher Block: As the name suggests, butcher blocks are wooden slabs joined together as a countertop. As the world is growing towards more sustainable elements in daily life, butcher blocks are perfect for your eco-friendly kitchen themes. They are also easy to refinish, so you do not require high maintenance.

Soapstone: Soapstone countertops are heat resistant and do not decolor easily. They are also stain resistant, which makes them a popular kitchen material. They usually are dark grey and turn darker over time. So, if you want a dark theme, soapstone countertops are ideal.

Get creative and find the countertops that create a statement look for your kitchens.


Flooring is the foundation of your kitchen. Quality tiles or wooden laminates, there are hundreds of designs to skim through. We have shortlisted some best kitchen flooring designs for you. Do not hesitate and take that extra leap to experiment with your floors.

Oak-Wood look: Wooden floors can always stay in style. Yet again, they are a part of 2023’s trend book. Oakwood tiles give a wooden look but are better since they help in underfloor heating. This is beneficiary, especially for homes that require more heating. Having floors which are aesthetic and functional are perfect is in this year’s focus on trends.

Large Flagstone Flooring: Flagstone flooring is natural stone slabs that have been increasingly popular because of their classic appearance. Moreover, these large tiles give off a timeless look to your kitchen space. Create a beautiful aura with these large stone tiles.

Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl plank flooring is highly durable. This makes it a popular trend for this year. If appropriately maintained, vinyl flooring can last for decades. The best thing is that it is resistant to climate, stains, and scratches. With many colors, textures, and patterns, Vinyl flooring is perfect for your new kitchen.

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are a classic choice for your modern kitchen look. Ceramic tiles are best since the surface will not collect dirt or dust. They are easy to maintain and are perfect for your kitchen remodel.

Flooring is a technical part of your kitchen remodel. Ensure you get a contractor who guides you to get the perfect surface. It is great to have an aesthetic appeal to your floors, but its functionality is even more critical. This year’s trends have both aspects for your easy kitchen remodeling.


When you are remodeling your kitchen, your designs go hand in hand with your storage spaces. Make the best use of your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers with smart storage options and trendy designs. They are also important areas to cover during kitchen remodeling. Make sure you follow the trends which are also easy to use and accessible. This year’s trends have covered that so your kitchen is unique and exquisite.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet and Cupboard Design: This year’s trends are visually appealing. Two-tone cabinets add a contrasting color to your kitchen. Most homeowners opt for a darker shade for the lower cabinets and a lighter one for the upper cabinets. This makes it easier for them to clean the lower cabinets and has fewer stains visible on a more golden color. This visually pleasing look is an excellent trend for this year’s cabinets.

Open Shelving Cabinet Design: This design trend may seem odd since having no cabinets is also a trend this year. These cabinets are replacing other designs because of their easy use. You can store items that are quick to grab. These cabinets give your kitchen a spacious theme.

Steel Cabinets: Give your kitchen a contemporary look with steel cabinets. They are best for heavy items. You can easily store them without the fear of breaking them. They do not have to paint often, so the maintenance cost is low. Get your steel cabinets to add a modern touch to your kitchen remodel.

Have fun and experiment with your cabinets. This year’s cabinet trends will surely give your kitchen a striking look!

Revitalize your Kitchen Experience with the Latest Kitchen Themes

Kitchen themes play a significant role in adding life to your kitchen space. Everything is incorporated perfectly per your style, from an old, vintage look to a new modern, minimalistic look. Apart from the ongoing trends, this year is also about adding your personal taste to your kitchen space. That personalized touch can add more sentimental value to your kitchen.

Bring Back the Vintage Era:

This vintage theme is perfect if you love an old and antique setup. If your kitchen has a subtle look, you can re-furnish it by opting for a class-old vintage piece. Go for traditional, wooden furniture, floral cutlery, rustic elements, and warm color palettes for the old cottage design comeback.

With numerous themes to choose from, a vintage-era theme is relatively easy to achieve.


Give your kitchen a smart but defined look by going minimalistic with your designs and themes. This trend primarily focuses on simple, sleek, and subtle elements. Your sinks, countertops, cabinets, drawers, and cupboards will be more functional than decorative. Simply put, a minimalistic theme is highly trendy only because it caters more to your kitchen space being easily accessible than aesthetic. Go for it and get rid of the extra clutter in your kitchen. Make it airier and a breezy place to enjoy.

Black Theme:

If you are someone who does not like boring, light designs, then adding a splash of black will give your kitchen space an edgy look you desire. Remodel your kitchen with layers of black by adding color or objects to enhance the look of a dull kitchen. Adding black marble in backsplashes and flooring or having a black refrigerator can give your kitchen a statement look.

Scandinavian Style:

If you believe less is more, then the Scandinavian-styled theme is the best for you. This theme comprises neutral colors, have a more functional design structure, and gives your kitchen an airy feel. Subway tiles, traditional brick walls, and warm tones are the main characteristics of the Scandinavian-themed kitchen.

Family Focus:

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Make it a space in which you enjoy spending your time in. It should also be functional, spacious, and airy, making you feel smooth. Make sure you have comfortable seating and enough space for your dining table. Open displays and multi-functional islands are this year’s main trends. Trends that bring your family close are amongst our favorites!

Upgrade your Storage

Storage spaces are most important in your kitchen remodeling since you need enough space to store your cutlery and other kitchen items. Your kitchen remodel designs should give you maximum functionality along with aesthetics. This year’s trends have a lot of options for you.

Vertical Storage: A vertical storage space gives you more area to store all your kitchen items. Vertical storage spaces can be fixed to the walls, so you have fewer items on your countertops or kitchen islands.

Multi-functional Kitchen Furniture: Having furniture with storage space is perfect for keeping your kitchen less cramped. Foldable chairs and tables are great ways to bring more freedom to your kitchen.

Hidden Appliances: Hidden appliances are great for storage. This trend helps you keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free. Moreover, they can also be turned into a work of art by blending into your kitchen décor. Instead of your appliances looking bulky on the kitchen table, this trend makes your kitchen more breathable.

Pull-out Drawers and Cabinets: Another unique storage idea is to have pull-out drawers and cabinets. They are a perfect solution to store your kitchen pantry. These pull-out drawers keep your items, so you do not have to jumble through to find articles in your cabinets. They are also known as slide-outs or roll-outs. They are easy to access and make your life easier.

Additional Kitchen Trends of 2023

2023’s kitchen trends mainly focus on bringing luxury and comfort to your kitchen spaces. Whether it is a subtle, simple look you want or something extravagant, 2023’s kitchen trends have a wide variety for you.

With these exciting trends, it isn’t easy to hold back. Without further ado, delve deep to find the best trends for your kitchens.  

Black Marble: One of the most exciting trends this year has to be black marble paired with greyish tones. This trend adds a masculine feel to your kitchen space, especially if you also have wooden furniture. It perfectly compliments your dark, versatile, and rich look. Moreover, it also gives a monochromic appeal, which is the trend everyone wants to implement in their house spaces. From white, simple, and subtle kitchens, this trend is here to give your space a bold look. Take the risk and add some dramatic color to your old kitchen design.

Round Kitchen Islands: The most sought-after kitchen remodel element are kitchen islands. Round kitchen islands are more in style since they occupy less space. This year’s trends have focused more on a spacious kitchen layout, giving you more room to socialize and use your kitchens effectively. Round kitchen islands are also beneficiary for those who have smaller kitchens. You can keep your kitchen space trendy and spacious with round kitchen islands. 

Open Displays: When choosing exquisite items for your kitchen décor, keeping them in hiding is unfair. This year, kitchen spaces and displays are set to be more open, so you can also showcase your aesthetic side. Available kitchen displays are also more versatile. It allows you to cook quickly and better socialize with your family and friends.

Extra Large Fridges: Extra Large fridges are more needed than a trend. Who doesn’t want more space to store? Large, prominent-looking fridges are becoming trendier by the year. They help in functionality but are also great decorative items. Choose a large fridge that makes a statement through a bold color or an elegant texture.

Extraordinary Sinks: Why keep your sinks dull and ordinary? Apart from polished brass, natural stone, textured copper, and modern farmhouse sinks, this year’s trends also focus on out-of-the-box ideas. Make your kitchen sinks unique by adding built-in cutting boards or large and small compartments for better usage and enhanced functionality.

Apart from the ongoing trends of 2023, these additional ideas can give your kitchen an extra oomph factor. Follow the latest trends but make your kitchen stand out by choosing these fantastic options for a perfect kitchen space.


Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun task now that there are numerous trends of 2023 you can choose from. Style your kitchen in a way that exudes elegance and class. If you do not plan on remodeling your kitchen completely, you can always opt to go for smaller areas to redesign, like your cabinets, drawers, etc. Make your kitchen a space to enjoy meals and your company as well. Leave your guests spellbound with great kitchen designs and decorations. Why wait? Arrant Construction has everything to get the best kitchen space you desire. Call us now and get started!

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