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Six Established Methods for Lowering Costs of Custom Homes through Minimizing Home Features

Six Established Methods for Lowering Costs of Custom Homes through Minimizing Home Features

Are you considering the possibility of bringing your long-held vision of a personalized family residence to life in the upcoming year of 2023? Well, how about we tell you that is completely possible through a partnership with a nearby custom home builder! Stop pondering over strategies to curtail the expenses associated with home construction and redirect the funds towards other enhancements within your abode. Alternatively, you will end up making substantial savings as you progress through this home-building process. 

Efficient Strategies for Cost-Effective Custom Home Construction 

In the pursuit of constructing a custom home while being mindful of expenses, we present a compilation of six well-established approaches to achieving financial savings: 

  1. Opt for a Cost-Conscious Builder Selection

When in the process of choosing a custom home builder, it’s prudent to closely examine their value engineering methods. Do they proactively offer project components at the most economical rates? 

At Arrant Construction, our custom homes and designs are already imbued with value-engineering principles, enabling them to commence at an accessible introductory price point. This approach caters to individuals seeking to personalize their homes in accordance with their unique specifications and desires. 

Think about making your custom home like modifying cars. Imagine buying a fancy car like an Audi and then changing the expensive leather seats and smooth driving to make it look and feel different. That’s like customizing a home that’s already expensive to begin with. 

On the other hand, it’s smarter to buy a simpler car like a Toyota sedan and then make changes to turn it into something like a Toyota Highlander. Similarly, when building a custom home, start with a basic design that’s already good in quality and appearance. Then, add your own special touches and improvements to make it exactly what you want. 

A parallel concept can be applied to the realm of custom home construction. Commence with a home that possesses inherent elegance, functionality, and top-tier quality, while still accommodating personalized preferences and enhancements to align with individual preferences. 

  1. Utilize Immediate Equity for Extra Savings

Here’s another smart way to keep more money in your pocket while building your custom home: make the most of your immediate equity. 

Think of it this way: the bigger down payment you can manage right at the beginning, the more of your home you actually own. And if you go for a shorter loan period, that also boosts your ownership. Also, if you can make affordable improvements to your new home, its value will increase, along with your ownership share. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve provided some advice on which upgrades will have the biggest impact on raising the value of your home. 

  1. Providing Personal Effort in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects

Prior to considering your ability to undertake certain tasks on your own, it’s essential to have a conversation with the selected builder. This is because each builder adheres to their unique set of procedures and permissions. 

For our clients, we gladly offer various options for collaboration if they wish to contribute their own manual labor to achieve cost savings. However, there are specific aspects where we are unable to delegate the tasks to external sources. 

Services We Can Delegate to You 

Should you be interested in enhancing your home while also economizing, there are specific projects that we can delegate to you. Nonetheless, it is crucial that we establish a mutual understanding: we will only entrust these tasks to you if they can be executed in a proficient and top-tier manner. Failure to do so could potentially exert an adverse influence on your home’s assessed value and undermine the efforts we’ve invested. 

Several common tasks that we can delegate in our home projects include: 

– Painting: Should you wish to undertake the painting of your house and provide the necessary paint, this is indeed feasible. This approach offers a means to economize, and we can offset the labor cost we typically charge along with the paint expenses. 

– Tiling: If you possess the proficiency to expertly handle tile or flooring installation, and if the local governing authority overseeing the construction of your residence permits such action, we are amenable to this arrangement. 

– Contractual Undertakings: In the event that you are a certified professional in a specific trade, your skill set could potentially be harnessed for your home project. This is contingent upon your eligibility to participate in our vendor onboarding program, which necessitates valid insurance coverage. 

Exclusions from External Sourcing 

Certain aspects of your personalized home construction are designated as inadmissible for external execution. This restriction stems from our established protocols and our commitment to preserving your home’s structural soundness. 

The subsequent components fall under this classification: 

– Foundational work 

– Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems (MEPs) 

– Drywall installation 

– Roofing construction 

– Framing assembly 

– Cabinetry and countertop installation 

These undertakings necessitate the expertise of proficient contractors and are crucial to upholding the home’s structural integrity. As mentioned before, while there are other foundational elements you could handle, we require your participation to be approved through our certified program before we can support such a decision. 

Therefore, as you contemplate which undertakings to undertake personally in order to economize during the construction of your tailored residence, it’s pertinent to acknowledge that projects leaning towards cosmetic enhancements are more likely to be open for discussion. 

  1. Opt for Economical Site Preparation or Engage in Personal Involvement

An additional avenue to economize involves seeking out a builder who is willing to aid in site development at cost. 

It is necessary that the chosen builder ensures the suitability of your land for constructing a dwelling, which might necessitate a range of enhancements such as tree removal, land shaping, and foundation leveling. 

Identify a builder who is capable of overseeing these tasks at cost and can assist you in drafting a budget for site preparation right from the outset. Certain aspects of site preparation might be within your capabilities, allowing you to potentially recoup some funds by performing these tasks yourself. 

Several builders, ourselves included, abstain from inflating the expenses related to site preparation. These builders collaborate with property owners to solicit quotes for essentials like wells, septic systems, or electrical installations, and facilitate the execution of these tasks without incorporating them directly into their designated scope of work. Hence, you avoid incurring additional charges for site preparation as you might encounter when acquiring a combined house and lot package. 

  1. Furnish Your Own Design Resources

We gladly welcome the opportunity for you to contribute certain design materials of your choice for your residence, which we can duly acknowledge through credit. 

To elaborate, these materials could encompass: 

– Illumination fixtures 

– Household appliances 

– Unique sinks 

– Main entry door 

Should a particular item hold significance in terms of the project schedule and necessitate installation by our construction team, kindly ensure that the materials are delivered to our vendors as per their installation requirements. 

Prioritize Cost-Efficiency by Deferring Non-Essential Projects 

Certain projects, such as landscaping, pool installation, fence construction, storm shelter setup, and bonus room finishing, might not be imperative to undertake right from the project’s inception. 

If you’re facing budget constraints and aiming to optimize your expenses during the home construction phase, it would be prudent to contemplate postponing some of these auxiliary projects. It’s advisable to maintain an open dialogue with your builder to discern which components would contribute to the initial property valuation and which ones might not. This consideration could further impact your financial decisions.

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