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Reimagine Your Space with Remodeling Advise from Arrant Construction

Are you on the hunt for top-notch remodeling services that guarantee 100% satisfaction? Look no further than Arrant Construction. With an impressive 8 years of experience, starting from 2015, specializing in restaurantkitchen, and bathroom remodeling, we are the ultimate choice for your renovation works.

Whether it’s your cherished home or bustling office space, remodeling can be a daunting task. That’s where Arrant Construction steps in to make your dreams come true. Our general contractor team will handle all the hassles, from cost management and supplies to timely project completion.

Count on us for solid payment plans, detailed contracts, and a commitment to delivering remodeling services. With a track record of excellence and a passion for perfection, Arrant Construction is the name you can trust for remarkable transformations. Choose us today and experience the finest remodeling services in Houston, Texas.
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Home Remodeling

Arrant Construction undertakes all kinds of renovations, fixtures, and upgrades that your home may need. From renovating the kitchen, to changing your garage door, or even adding a deck to give your home added outdoor seating. Our aim is to provide you with safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior designs according to your space requirements.
Remodel your kitchen with soft-close kitchen drawers, a paint uplift, counter and back splash changes or more! Arrant Construction’s kitchen design plans enhance the functionality along with giving your kitchen the modern uplift it needs.
A bedroom is your haven after a long and tiring day. A new floor, mood lighting, adding more storage or a study can instantly upgrade your bedroom. Arrant Construction provides top-grade services to make your living space functional and relaxing as per your needs.

Flooring Remodeling

With our team of highly trained professionals, remodeling your flooring to match your perfect space is not such a technical task anymore. With a wide range of different tiles, colors and textures to choose from, the variety at Arrant is limitless.

Outdoor Living Remodeling

Host your parties easily and with grandeur with Arrant Construction’s outdoor living remodeling. Improve your garden landscape, add a unique pavement or extend your deck for outdoor parties. Outdoor living spaces add value to your home, and we have just the suitable designs for you!

Our Clients are Everything to Us

Our commitment to deliver extraordinary service to our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure all their needs are met.
“Job was carried out within days of my call and they made a conscious effort in ensuring that the place was cleaned up properly and that we were happy with the work that was done. We have no hesitation in recommending them again in the future!”


“Outstanding service a very high standard of workmanship. Would use again. They took a lot of pride in what they do not like some of these bigger Companies in area. They use very good material as well. The project run really smoothly.”


“Very happy with contractor. The installer was prompt, professional, and did a fantastic bathroom renovation. Never worried about leaving him at my home alone. Overall I am very pleased with the installation and finished product.”


Custom Remodeling

Choose any part of your house or go onboard with complete customization, with Arrant Construction providing remodeling in all areas you want to focus.

Crown Molding Remodeling

If you want to add an uplifted and a unique look to your room, crown molding remodeling is a perfect way to do so. We provide premium quality designs, each more exquisite than the other.

Handicap Accessibility Remodeling

Handicap accessibility is one of our vast ranges of remodeling services. With handicap accessibility your loved ones can move around in their space with ease and without any trouble. Adding handicap accessibility to washrooms, living rooms, and adding pavements and lifts for stairs are some ways Arrant Construction can make your lifestyle easier.

Organization System Remodeling

Redefine your organization system with carefully crafted remodeling plans by Arrant Construction. Better strategies for storage, out-of-the-box ideas for making room for more closets in your home, and redesigning spaces for a more organized outcome for your home is what Arrant Construction strives to do.
Your restaurant does require not only good food but also a good ambiance. Remodeling restaurants to enhance their aesthetic appeal, making them more functional or making their space project their brand image, Arrant Construction does it all.

Arrant Construction is a licensed Remodeling Services contractor in Texas and serves customers in Houston, Dallas, Richmond, Sugar land and other areas across the state of Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

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