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Arrant Construction is the No.1 full-service kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation contractor in Houston. We know the diversity of the Houston area and specialize in catering to the variety of desires and needs of every single customer.

Our team of highly experienced professionals provides impeccable additions to your kitchen space. Trust in our expertise and let us guide you through a seamless remodeling journey.

Modern kitchen renovation requires up-to-date designs. We understand your kitchen needs and strive to provide you with the best and affordable kitchen remodeling services.

Some of the services which Arrant Construction provides for your kitchen remodeling are:

  • Kitchen Layout consultation
  • Kitchen Site visit and design selection
  • Kitchen plumbing work
  • Kitchen Electrical code compliance and other important permits
  • Remodeling kitchen backsplashes, kitchen countertops, kitchen flooring and adding kitchen islands
  • Complete kitchen cabinets renovation
  • Final touch-ups with better lighting, flooring and paint
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Why Choose Arrant Construction for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

Arrant Construction has been in the industry long enough to provide premium kitchen remodeling services. Whether it is a small kitchen renovation or changes required in a bigger space, we can help you out hassle-free.

Experienced Professionals

Striving in the industry for years, Arrant Construction has a team of skilled employees who have full command on their field. We have had the experience of dealing with numerous clients and covering many projects. You can trust us fully with our years of hard work and expertise. At Arrant Construction, we only believe in giving you the best service which you deserve.

Great Customer Feedback

Having a good name in the industry has given us the chance to work with more clients. Each project is unique from the other one and we make sure we deliver exactly what you ask for. With our strong clientele, your decision to choose us can never go wrong.

Numerous Designs and Remodeling Ideas

With our ever-growing business, we have just the right variety of designs for you to choose from.
Kitchen remodeling needs an aesthetic appeal as well and this is exactly what we offer you. Moreover, your ideas are equally welcomed and our team of experts can help you execute it with nothing less than perfection.

Clear Planning and Problem-Solving

At Arrant Construction, you do not have to worry about faulty plans. Our technical team will make sure your kitchen goes through a perfect model designed for it so you do not face any issues later on. From
electrical issues to installing HVAC systems, our plans are easy and smooth to follow.

Premium Quality

We believe in providing top-notch quality. Our materials used for kitchen remodeling are of high standard only. We strictly follow strong protocols of cleanliness and hygiene. Feel free and leave your kitchens for us to take care of.

Aesthetic and Theme

Whether you’re embarking on a high-end kitchen remodeling in Houston & Dallas or a simple renovation project, it’s crucial to select a coherent theme is necessary during your kitchen transformation. Every element, from the tiles and kitchen island to the backsplash and countertops, plays a significant role and harmoniously culminates in the end.

Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

Where Inspiration & Quality Come Together

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building it from scratch, we have all the resources you need for the perfect outcome. Not only do we help you construct a new space but also in planning so you have a clear picture in front of you. we are experienced in providing kitchens with modern designs, classic designs or ranch designs. Moreover, we have a number of ideas for your kitchen cabinets and appliances which complement your kitchen space like no other.
If you are on a search of a trusted kitchen remodeling company, call us now and schedule a consultation. We are here to guide you and turn your dreams to reality.

If you are ready to get started on your kitchen renovation, contact us today to schedule a consultation and receive a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about complete kitchen remodeling, there are a lot of steps to follow. First is planning. Before anything else, lay out your ideas so there is no confusion in the middle of the project. The next step is demolition of old cabinets, walls, sinks and other appliances to be replaced with new ones. But before that, there are some more stages to go through.

Plumbing is the next step. Then you move on to electrical work where all electrical components are upgraded. Next is adding a new drywall which is then painted. Then you proceed to adding your new flooring, followed by installing new cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes and additional appliances.

All this requires a team of experienced professionals, who will guide you and help you create your dream kitchen.
Kitchen remodeling will definitely give your property a boost. Without any doubt, remodeling enhances the look of your kitchen space. Whether you go for a complete remodel, or upgrade some parts, remodeling is the perfect value addition you need for your home. Although kitchens are one of the most important spaces of your home, do not expect you will get complete return on investment for every penny you have spent on remodeling.
There are numerous trends available online which you can follow. If you have an idea in your mind already, you can research and get a better insight as well. narrow down the best options you have and then go for a professional consultation. The right kind of kitchen remodeling contractor will help you execute your plan efficiently.
Most of your kitchen remodeling budget will go into kitchen cabinet renovation. Around 25% of your entire budget will mostly go on cabinets since they are an important and an expensive part of kitchen remodeling.
Finding a kitchen remodeling contractor might not be too difficult since there are many available in the market. However, what you need is a company which you can trust. Kitchen remodeling is costly. Therefore, choose a kitchen renovation contractor whose wok will be worth it. Arrant Construction has the experience of 30 years. We promise to provide you with the best kitchen remodeling service you desire.
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