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Kitchen Remodeling Richmond

The kitchen is the most crucial aspect of a home, with its role transcending beyond mere meal preparation. Functioning as the command center for family activities, it’s a space designed for connection, facilitating the space for creativity. If your current kitchen in Richmond, TX isn’t inspiring enjoyable meals and family connections, perhaps it’s time for a remodel. As we go about our daily routines at home, moving through different spaces and making our way to various corners, the kitchen asserts itself as a distinctively versatile hub. Given the prevalence of kitchens being remodeled to the open-concept design in Richmond, guests often encounter the kitchen first. Recognizing its role, we understand the potential for improvement in remodeling Richmond kitchens. Let us guide you in the redesign process, crafting a more functional kitchen that rightfully claims the center stage in your home at the behest of our kitchen designers in Richmond.
Kitchen remodeling is catered with numerous approaches in Richmond, Texas. Similar to our evolving family dynamics, the requirements for our living spaces also undergo changes. Richmond kitchen remodeling transcends mere correction of issues; it’s a process of crafting a more livable and functional environment that facilitates the creation of meals and memories alike. At Arrant Construction, we guide our clients through every phase of the remodel process, assisting them in identifying their needs, conceptualizing the design, and ultimately bringing their vision of a dream kitchen to life.

Why Choose Arrant Construction for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

Arrant Construction has been in the industry long enough to provide premium kitchen remodeling services. Whether it is a small kitchen renovation or changes required in a bigger space, we can help you out hassle-free.


At times, a modest kitchen renovation suffices to rejuvenate your space, providing a fresh and contemporary appearance. Opting for a minor kitchen remodel is not only straightforward but also budget-friendly, offering an effective way to give your kitchen an upgrade. This type of renovation typically entails updating surfaces and paint colors, introducing a new theme or mood to your kitchen. Beyond surface enhancements, we can alter plumbing and lighting fixtures, contributing to an entirely new ambiance in the space. The scope of a minor kitchen remodel in Richmond extends to include elements such as a new backsplash, cabinet hardware, or even the integration of new appliances.


As families grow and their needs expand, or after residing in a home for an extended period, the natural wear and tear of a well-lived home becomes apparent. When a kitchen reaches a point of being outdated, unattractive, or no longer functional for the homeowner, opting for a midrange remodel becomes a viable solution. Within this scope, the remodel may feature the replacement of flooring, countertops, and cabinets, along with updates to plumbing, lighting fixtures, backsplash, hardware, and appliances. It’s at this juncture that the remodeling process takes on a more intriguing aspect, allowing homeowners to customize their cabinets for optimal functionality.

Upscale Transformation

Buckle up as this is the most involved and financially significant kitchen remodel, owing to the extensive amount of work involved. This is where the dream image of your “perfect” kitchen or curated a Pinterest board filled with inspiring ideas comes to life. To translate those visions from imagination to blueprint requires a major remodel. Your ideas and budget set the boundaries, paving the way for a comprehensive transformation.
Despite the challenges, major Richmond kitchen remodeling projects are among the most creative and gratifying projects to undertake. Typically requiring building permits when floor plan alterations are in play, this remodel category allows for a complete redesign, replacement of all elements, expansion of space, and the introduction of new cooking configurations along with the rearrangement of pipes and wires.
Undeniably, a major remodel is the most extensive and time-consuming, yet the rewards are unparalleled. Regardless of the remodel type you choose the satisfaction for your kitchen space is guaranteed for years to come. At Arrant Construction, we eradicate the guesswork and concerns associated with remodeling by bringing our expertise and commitment to our valued clients. Let Arrant Construction guide you through the entire process of kitchen remodeling in Richmond, from conceptualization to completion.

Arrant Construction is a licensed Kitchen Remodeling contractor in Texas and serves customers in Houston, Dallas, Richmond, Sugar land and other areas across the state of Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A minor kitchen remodel may take between four to eight weeks.
A major kitchen remodel can take between six weeks to four months.
A kitchen designer in Richmond will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to design a kitchen.
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