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Arrant Construction, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has been dedicated to serving the Greater Houston area for three decades. Our expertise lies in assisting homeowners with remodeling, renovating, and constructing everything from small rooms to complete custom homes.
If you’re not familiar with the role of general contractors, continue reading to understand what they do, how to select one, and discover why Arrant Construction stands out as the preferred choice for a general contractor in Houston for homeowners seeking a dependable, experienced, and amiable team of builders.
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What Does a General Contractor Do?
Although the term “general contractors” might suggest involvement in broad construction activities, our role is more akin to that of army generals.
A general contractor assumes the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating the entire construction project from its initiation to completion, leveraging a background in home improvement and design to guide decision-making.
The actual execution of the work occurs under the direct supervision and guidance of the general contractor. This can involve in-house personnel, subcontractors, or a combination of both.
Essentially, a general contractor functions as a project manager, taking charge of:

– Quality control
– Permitting
– Subcontractors
– Site safety and cleanliness
– Materials, tools, and equipment
– Scheduling and timeline

General Contractors like Arrant Construction in Houston, TX bring specialized expertise to construction projects in the region, ensuring coordination and top-notch management in line with industry standards.
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When Do You Need to Hire a General Contractor?
For tasks that demand a singular area of expertise, like the installation of a new roof or garbage disposal, hiring specialist contractors such as roofers or plumbers is appropriate.
General contractors play a crucial role in projects that require two or more specialties. For instance, constructing a pergola with elements like lighting, flooring, plumbing, a roof, etc., necessitates the expertise of a general contractor.
Additional indicators that signify the requirement for a general contractor in Houston include:
Essentially, a general contractor functions as a project manager, taking charge of:

– An anticipated project timeline exceeding one week.
– The need for obtaining permits.
– An estimated project cost that exceeds $500.
Why Arrant Construction is the Best General Contractor in Houston
Given the absence of state contractor licensing in Texas, homeowners must seek alternative indicators of a general contractor’s qualifications to manage their projects.
A reliable source for such assurance is industry organizations, and Arrant Construction stands out as an award-winning member of one of the most reputable ones: the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).
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Why Choose Arrant Construction for Your General Contracting?

Arrant Construction has years of experience in the industry, providing comprehensive general contracting services that guarantee top-notch project management and execution.

Completely Licensed and Insured

Having comprehensive general liability insurance is of utmost importance when selecting a Houston general contractor. This ensures that you are not held responsible for any injuries sustained by the workers involved in your home construction or remodeling.
Moreover, you are protected in the event of any damage to your property during the building or renovation process.
Arrant Construction holds a valid license and is covered by a $1 million General Liability Insurance policy. For each project, we ensure a direct transmission of this policy to you from our insurance company, providing assurance that it is legitimate and unaltered by us.

Optimum Site Safety

Being the top residential contractors in Houston, safety is non-negotiable for us, whether it’s for you and your family or for our team.
From utilizing suitable eye and ear protection to ensuring the proper operation of equipment and implementing dust control measures in your home, we employ every available means to guarantee the health and well-being of everyone involved. This commitment aims to provide you with peace of mind throughout the process.

Materials Expertise and Sourcing

With over 30 years of experience in Houston’s, TX residential construction industry serving as general contractors, we have perfected the skill of choosing the ideal materials that align with our customers’ preferences, budgets, household activities, and future home plans.
Our profound knowledge extends to the dynamics of the construction materials market, enabling us to guide you on cost-saving strategies, identify products with swift availability, and more.

Skilled Subcontractors

The effectiveness of a general contractor in Houston hinges on the quality of its subcontractors, and that’s precisely why we are highly discerning in our choice of collaborators.
We assess and oversee our subcontractors, maintaining the same elevated standards upheld at Arrant Construction.
For all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical tasks, we exclusively engage contractors who hold full license from the State of Texas.

Streamlined Timeline

As Houston’s General Contractors, we understand your desire to restore your home to its original state, albeit improved, as swiftly as possible.
We consistently provide transparent and truthful information about lead times to our customers, and our estimates reflect our utmost dedication to expediting your project turnaround without compromising quality.
With decades of experience, we have the ability to anticipate potential issues in advance, allowing us to navigate challenges effectively and keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Clear Communication

Numerous homeowner grievances directed at general contractors in Houston, Texas often revolve around communication issues. Many of our competitors either disregard your input, fail to return calls, or provide inaccurate information. This is not our approach.
From our initial meeting onward, our goal is to establish a mutual communication channel, fostering trust and collaboration to realize the transformative vision you seek for your home.
Feel free to ask any questions or voice concerns, and we commit to providing you with clear and direct answers.
Arrant Construction: Your All-in-One Designer and General Contractor
Unlike many general contractors utilizing the design-bid-build model, Arrant Construction Contractors operates as design-builders.
With this approach, you won’t need to incur the cost of hiring an architect for plans before involving us in the project—we can assist right from the beginning!
The advantages of choosing a design-build firm include:
– Elimination of disputes between architect and builder
– Relief from the responsibility of ensuring design plans are accurate
– A single point of contact for you, streamlining communication
– A quicker, more efficient build process that translates to both time and cost savings
Unlike many companies lacking organized systems, Arrant Construction stands out with well-defined processes. Discover the distinctions as we compare our approach to that of an average Houston contractor across four common scenarios.

Arrant Construction is a licensed general contractor in Texas and serves customers in Houston, Dallas, Richmond, Sugar land and other areas across the state of Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A general contractor will cater to every aspect of a construction project, including plumbing and electrical services.
General contractors handle the physical construction of a project while project managers oversee and coordinate the project.
In the state of Texas, there is no requirement for general contractors, home improvement specialists, or handyman services to obtain a license.
To assess the credibility of general home contractors, check for licensing, reviews, and references. Additionally, evaluate their experience, communication skills, and professionalism while obtaining multiple quotes for your project.
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