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Arrant Construction – Where Vision Meets Expert Advice for General Construction.
For over 8 years, Arrant Construction has been a trailblazer in general construction, setting new standards in the industry since 2015. Our commitment to delivering 100% satisfactory results is relentless, backed by our guarantee of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Since our inception, our mission has been clear – to make top-notch construction services accessible to everyone, while enhancing lives and elevating living conditions through each project we undertake. As we’ve expanded our services globally, our core values remain rooted in providing affordability without compromising on quality.

When you choose Arrant Construction, you choose a dedicated team of professionals who never settle for mediocrity. From our skilled designers and architects to our expert builders and decorators, every step of the way is infused with meticulous attention to detail.

Located in Houston, Texas, your dreams are in capable hands with us, starting from the very first meeting and continuing through the entire process. Our hardworking team takes pride in transforming your visions into reality, ensuring the highest quality service possible.

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Understanding the Role of a General Contractor
While the term “general contractors” might suggest a broad scope of work, our role is akin to that of strategic leaders. A general contractor assumes the comprehensive responsibility of overseeing and orchestrating the entire construction project, from inception to completion, utilizing our expertise in home improvement and design to guide decision-making.

Under our guidance, the work is executed by a combination of our in-house professionals and carefully selected subcontractors. Think of us as seasoned project managers, overseeing crucial aspects such as materials, tools, equipment, adherence to timelines, maintaining quality standards, navigating through permitting processes, managing subcontractors, and ensuring site safety and cleanliness.

In essence, a general contractor functions as the central force that ensures the project’s smooth progression while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.
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Determining the Right Time to Engage a General Contractor

While specialized contractors like roofers and plumbers excel in tasks limited to a specific expertise (think new roof installations or garbage disposals), the necessity of a general contractor arises in projects entailing two or more specialized areas. Consider endeavors such as constructing a pergola that entails plumbing, roofing, lighting, flooring, and more.

Additional indicators prompting the engagement of a general contractor encompass:

– Projects with an estimated timeline exceeding one week.

– Endeavors requiring permits to ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines.

– Ventures carrying an estimated cost surpassing $500.

Entrust your multi-faceted projects to the expertise of a general contractor to carry out an efficient execution.

General construction encompasses the following offerings from us:

Turnkey Commercial Building Projects
Turnkey Commercial Remodeling Services
Landscaping Design and Installation
Electrical and Mechanical work
Fire Protection
Smart Homes
Research and Development Facilities
Offices Build Outs
Facility Management (Commercial & Multi-units)
Flooring and Ceiling
Interior and Exterior Designing
Civil Work
Multi-unit Housing Projects
Mixed use Projects
Ground up Construction

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Our Focus areas and sectors are:
Restaurants Build Outs
Sport and Entertainment
Multi-unit Residential
Corporate Base Building
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