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Dallas Office Building Remodel and Build-out

Arrant Construction recently undertook office build-out services for a Dallas office building. The project involved refurbishing the entire space, including perimeter offices, multiple conference rooms, meeting rooms, interior restrooms, and break rooms, along with all interior finishes. We began by demolishing the existing setup entirely. Once cleared, our team leveled the floors throughout the space, grinding and floating them with fresh concrete to ensure consistent elevations. Subsequently, the entire suite underwent comprehensive office buildout.
The Dallas office building saw a comprehensive overhaul of its interior spaces. Through strategic utilization of drywall headers and an innovative aluminum and glass panel wall system, the office build-out achieved a contemporary aesthetic. Rather than concealing them, the design opted to showcase overhead ceiling equipment, contributing to an expansive ambiance. Flooring was upgraded to include Maple Engineered wood flooring and carpet, especially in areas like meeting rooms. The new floor plan was crafted to accommodate various amenities, including conference rooms, recharge bars, kitchens, reception areas, lobby co-working spaces, café bars, prep rooms, business lounges, and a rejuvenated courtyard with fresh landscaping. Impressively, Arrant Construction executed the entire transformation, from demolition to final touches, within a remarkable timeframe of just 20 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office build-outs customize commercial space for specific needs.
Timelines vary but can range from weeks to months.
Glass walls create openness and maximize natural light.
Landscaping enhances the outlook and environmental impact.
Open plans and communal spaces foster teamwork and innovation.
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