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Exquisite Homes with Arrant Construction

Over the span of an impressive thirty years, Arrant Construction has maintained an exclusive presence as a distinguished custom home builder in Houston TX. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to ascend to the upper echelons of the industry, earning us the esteemed position of being a top-tier custom home builder in Houston. With every project we undertake, our artisans, recognized as adept luxury custom home builders, pour their skill and passion into crafting living spaces that transcend the ordinary. Emerging as genuine works of art, our creations emanate the very essence of luxury, solidifying Arrant Construction’s position as premier Houston custom home builders. Our legacy attests to our commitment, infusing each project with a unique essence that pays homage to signature Texan art, showcasing our abilities as the top custom home builders in Texas.

With each project we undertake, our history of achieving excellence becomes evident, testifying to our reputation of being the leading custom home builders in Texas. Our previous undertakings demonstrate our strong commitment to precision in craftsmanship. As we consistently progress through the stages of each project, our established track record continues to underscore our dedication, leaving a distinct mark of quality that distinctly influences the architectural landscape of Texas.

Quality Construction

Arrant Construction has taken pride in serving to be the best custom home builder in Houston, Texas. Our expertise lies in skillfully crafting living spaces of exceptional quality that embody both luxury and individuality. In our role as adept custom home builders in Houston, our primary focus revolves around introducing innovative designs, making us the leading choice for individuals seeking the finest custom home builders available in the region.

Extensive Experience & Insights

Having constructed homes for families throughout Texas, we have gained valuable insights that enable us to address challenges and provide suggestions for virtually any type of home, feature, or architectural style.

Reliability & Timeliness

Adhering to the utmost standards, we undertake each project with meticulous attention to detail. Our emphasis on timeliness guarantees the realization of your vision right on time.
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Client-Centric Collaboration

At Texas Custom Home Builders, our ethos revolves around a client-centric approach, letting your vision take center stage throughout the process. From the initial concept to the final touches, we actively engage with you, integrating your preferences into every decision. This personalized approach results in homes that resonate with your essence, reflecting the true spirit of Texas living.

We invite you to join us on an inspiring journey marked by brilliance, innovation and originality. Witness your aspirations for a personalized sanctuary come to life, all thanks to Arrant Construction – the genuine trailblazers in the realm of custom home builders in Houston, TX.

Arrant Construction is a licensed custom home builders in Texas and serves customers in Houston, Dallas, Richmond, Sugar Land and other areas across the state of Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ranch style homes are a popular choice for Houston residents.
An average home in Houston is about 2,400 to 2,600 square feet.
A custom build home can take up to 10 months to 2 years, but the completion of a project depends on several factors like the design, the construction and attention to detail.
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