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Considering a Restaurant Renovation Here's What to Bear in Mind

Considering a Restaurant Renovation? Here’s What to Bear in Mind

As time goes by, your restaurant may start to lose its vitality and charm.

Identifying the precise enhancements that can breathe new life into your establishment and rejuvenate interest can be challenging. But sometimes, the solution is right within reach: your physical space. An effective restaurant renovation can be the key to keeping your dining establishment contemporary and financially rewarding.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that a restaurant renovation is a significant undertaking that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be expensive, and time-intensive, and it has the potential to alter how your brand is perceived by your clientele.

When you’re contemplating whether a restaurant renovation is the right choice for your establishment, here are some crucial considerations, along with guidance on how to proceed.

Know Your Clientele

Before commencing a restaurant renovation, tapping into your most valuable resource is crucial – your customers. It’s essential to collect feedback and insights from your guests before you even think about reaching out to a contractor. 

A straightforward way to kickstart this process is by conducting a review of your social media accounts. Pay close attention to what your customers are expressing. Be on the lookout for negative comments related to the ambiance. If dim lighting or wall colors are a recurring concern among your guests, take note of these issues and communicate them during your initial meeting with the contractor.

There are several avenues for gleaning knowledge from your customers. To gather a variety of opinions, consider soliciting feedback through comment cards, suggestion boxes, email campaigns, and engaging in conversations with customers during regular business hours. 

Study how people interact with your space. Are there any challenges with navigation? Do some customers appear dissatisfied in general? Connect with your guests to identify their desires and expectations for a potential renovation.

Once you’ve gathered these valuable insights, you can begin crafting a comprehensive plan for your restaurant renovation. While a contractor will play a vital role in bringing these ideas to life and offering space-enhancing suggestions, entering the renovation process with a clear direction is a smart approach.

The Layout 

When planning a restaurant renovation, the layout is a critical aspect to consider. Logistics play an important role in the success of your establishment. On the customer side, it’s essential to address the following questions:

  1. Entrance and Accessibility: Ensure that customers can enter and exit your restaurant with ease. Install proper accessories to make your building accessible to everyone.
  1. Table Placement: Arrange your tables in a way that allows your guests to move around your facility effortlessly.
  1. Signage: Clearly map out entrances, exits, and restroom locations, ensuring they are well-marked for your guests to find easily.
  1. Seating Capacity: Make sure you have sufficient table space and chairs to accommodate your customers, especially during busy nights.

For your servers, similar considerations should be made, including: 

  1. Efficient Food Service: Ensure that servers can access ready-to-serve food quickly and easily.
  1. Food Prep Station: Establish an organized food-prep station for adding finishing touches to dishes.
  1. Equipment: Install the right equipment to optimize food preparation, cooking, and cleanup.
  1. Staff Comfort: Provide a designated space for your servers to take breaks that aren’t exposed to customers.
  1. Sanitary Stations: Equip your kitchens with sanitary stations where employees can wash their hands at designated times.

Collaborating with remodeling companies such as Arrant Construction, who work with interior designers and design agencies, can help enhance your restaurant’s layout and functionality during the renovation process.

Enhance Your Restaurant’s Curb Appeal

In a restaurant renovation, don’t overlook the importance of the exterior for it is often as vital, if not more so, than the interior. 

First impressions matter, and potential patrons can be deterred by an unattractive restaurant exterior. They may wonder, “What kind of dining experience awaits me inside this restaurant?”

If your restaurant’s outward appearance feels tired, featuring fading paint or outdated signage, it can discourage customers. Today’s diners are drawn to eateries that exude freshness and visual appeal. 

Start by closely assessing your restaurant’s exterior as part of the restaurant renovation. Inspect walkways and buildings for any structural issues. Consider hiring a landscaping service to tame overgrown greenery. A well-maintained restaurant with vibrant signage and on-brand exterior aesthetics will pique the interest of passersby, whether they are familiar with your restaurant or not.

Choose the Right Moment

Timing is crucial. Avoid waiting until your repair list becomes extensive. Generally, restaurant renovations are needed approximately every five years to stay competitive and retain customer interest.

To minimize the impact on your business, contemplate undertaking a renovation during the “off-peak” period, if applicable. If your restaurant doesn’t experience an off-peak season, you can schedule most of the construction work for the evenings or during non-business hours. This reduces the chances of inconveniencing your customers with noise or disruptive renovations, ensuring your restaurant continues to operate efficiently. 

Steer Clear of Excessive Alterations 

With restaurant renovations, change plays a dual role. While well-planned changes can boost your business, excessive alterations that render your restaurant unrecognizable can backfire.

Frequently, loyal guests return for the familiar aspects of your establishment. It could be your renowned burgers or the captivating, eye-catching interior. 

When undertaking a substantial restaurant renovation, prioritize preserving the unique aspects that define your establishment. Uphold the essence of your brand and core values.

Redefine Your Brand Through a Renovation

Restaurant renovation serves as a means of conveying a message to your customers. When the moment arrives to determine if your eatery requires a makeover, it’s vital to keep the intended message in mind. This message should permeate every nook and cranny of your establishment. 

By harmonizing a rejuvenated aesthetic with your restaurant’s unique brand and atmosphere, you can anticipate enthusiastic support from your patrons.


What is a restaurant renovation?

Restaurant Renovation is a procedure whereby a restaurant relaunches or reinvents itself by getting rid of the old décor and the unneeded features, and endorsing aspects that double the profitability of a restaurant.

Why should I renovate my restaurant?

Restaurant renovation holds great potential for increased profitability.

How do I boost my restaurant business? 

Restaurant renovation can provide an instant boost to your business and generate profits in a very short time span.

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