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Commercial General Contractors Dallas, TX

Experienced and Skilled Commercial Contractors in Dallas, Texas

Experience the leading force in commercial construction with Arrant Construction, your dedicated partner for superior general contracting solutions in Dallas, Texas. As specialized Commercial Contractors in Dallas TX, we boast a team of experts committed to delivering high quality solutions catering to your specific unique needs.
Building on a vast network of trusted contractors across the state, Arrant Construction ensures excellence in every project. Our commitment to being a top-tier commercial contractor in Dallas is evident in our ability to provide specialized general contracting services that meet the highest standards.
Where quality commercial general contractors are in demand, Arrant Construction understands the importance of impeccable interior finishes for your project, from small office repairs like door replacements to extensive commercial interior finish outs. Our professional project management team brings expertise to every facet of general contracting services, ensuring your commercial ventures are in capable hands.

Commercial General Contractors Dallas, TX

Arrant Construction stands out as a comprehensive solution for commercial general contractors in Dallas, TX. Serving the vibrant Dallas region, our full-service approach covers a broad spectrum of construction services meticulously tailored to address the distinctive requirements of our diverse clientele.
We Provide Commercial and Industrial Services

Interior Painting:

Transform your indoor spaces with our skilled interior painters equipped with the right tools and experience to handle a variety of internal scopes.

Exterior Painting:

Experience full-service exterior painting solutions provided by technically educated and trained professionals dedicated to enhancing your property’s exterior aesthetics.

Drywall Installation:

Rely on our expertise in interior finishing solutions, covering acoustics, drywall, and plaster, complemented by a diverse array of texture choices.

Wallcovering Installation:

Benefit from our experienced wallcovering services, boasting a track record of handling a range of decorative scopes to elevate your space.

Industrial Painting:

Our industrial team excels in various industries, including refineries, food manufacturing, chemical factories, and warehouses, ensuring quality painting services.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors:

Entrust your industrial flooring needs to our full-service contractors, experienced in everything from floor grinding to seamless epoxy flooring system applications.

Parking Lot Striping:

Count on our expertise in maintaining visible parking lots with services including fire lanes, handicap spaces, signage installation, and ADA compliance.

Power Washing:

Our commercial power washing experts specialize in thorough cleaning, mold removal, and dirt removal to rejuvenate your property’s appearance.

Sandblasting Service:

Utilize our fast and efficient sandblasting service, employing high-speed abrasive material to clean, etch, or smooth surfaces effectively.

Paint Coatings Inspection:

Need an expert review of scope, material specifications, or a technical assessment of a paint application? We’ve got you covered.

Concrete Repairs & Installation:

From demolition to rebar work and pouring new concrete, trust us to handle a variety of concrete scopes with precision and expertise.

Our Key Highlights and Responsibilities

Strategic Project Execution

Our adept general contractors for restaurant projects excel in the conceptualization of a well-defined construction plan. They expertly oversee every project aspect, guaranteeing prompt completion within the specified financial parameters.

Dedicated Construction Solutions

Specializing in delivering tailored construction solutions, we address the varied requirements of our restaurant-focused clientele. Whether it involves a renovation or a novel establishment, our services align seamlessly with your culinary business objectives.

Quality Excellence

At the core of our services lies an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards. Our team ensures that all construction endeavors adhere rigorously to the industry’s requisite standards and regulations.

Collaboration with Designers and Subcontractors

Our contractors foster a collaborative environment with designers, subcontractors, and other key stakeholders, ensuring a fluid progression of your restaurant project from inception to completion.

Regulatory Compliance and Permit Procurement

Navigating the intricacies of permit acquisition, we guarantee strict adherence to local and federal construction regulations, facilitating a hassle-free journey for your restaurant construction project.

Safety Protocol Implementation

Prioritizing the safety of both our team and your project, our general contractors implement robust safety protocols, creating a secure and compliant ambiance throughout the construction process.

Financial Management Expertise

Offering precise cost estimations and adept budget management, our restaurant general contractors excel in delivering unparalleled value without compromising on the quality of your dining establishment.
Established Commercial General Contractors
As the top general contractors in Dallas, we recognize the significance of a well-executed interior finish-out for commercial business owners. Investing in an office space or commercial property is not just a financial decision but a strategic move to enhance the overall value of the commercial asset.
Our seasoned team of project managers is well-versed in handling design plans, efficiently managing subcontractors, adhering to OSHA regulations, and ensuring the smooth execution of projects within stringent time frames. As reputable Dallas general contractors, we bring expertise to every facet of commercial construction, understanding the pivotal role it plays in the success and value of your commercial ventures.
Bring Your Vision to Life with Top General Contractors in Dallas, Texas
Executing successful commercial construction and renovation demands a team committed to excellence and possessing a deep understanding of the industry. Whether your business is situated in Dallas, Texas, or its surrounding areas, we are the ideal choice. With our adept team of general contractors, we excel in a spectrum of services, addressing anything from minor repairs to extensive interior transformations. Known as reliable general contractors in the commercial realm, we are committed to ensuring the delivery of dependable, and effective services.
What distinguishes us as top Dallas general contractors is our distinctive approach to client collaboration. We prioritize building strong connections based on communication and transparency, values that underpin our commitment to excellence. Each project we undertake comes with a guarantee of timely completion, adherence to budgetary constraints, and the delivery of the highest craftsmanship standards.
Whether you seek Dallas general contractors for a modest renovation or a substantial commercial undertaking, we are poised to bring your vision to life. Partnering with us means engaging with a team of experts devoted to elevating your business space beyond the ordinary contractor-client relationship.
Top Industrial Contractors Near Me
In the quest for “industrial contractors near me,” it’s imperative to locate a team attuned to your unique requirements. Leading industrial contractors deliver a comprehensive suite of services, guaranteeing adept and precise handling of every project. With extensive experience as commercial general contractors, we take pride in delivering exceptional services customized to your specifications. Our distinction in the industry stems from our unwavering commitment to quality and scrupulous attention to detail.
Our seasoned team of project managers is well-versed in handling design plans, efficiently managing subcontractors, adhering to OSHA regulations, and ensuring the smooth execution of projects within stringent time frames. As reputable Dallas general contractors, we bring expertise to every facet of commercial construction, understanding the pivotal role it plays in the success and value of your commercial ventures.

Why Choose Arrant Construction?

As a full-service general contractor, we distinguish ourselves in an industry where expertise and dependability are often touted by many. What sets us apart is our commitment to forging enduring partnerships. We prioritize project completion according to the defined scope, unwavering in our dedication to quality and without compromising on standards. Our mission is to breathe new life into this established industry, delivering projects promptly and within budget, fostering a track record that invites consistent repeat business.

Experience the Texan touch

Entrusting us with your project means receiving unparalleled service, akin to how we treat our own family. We prioritize transparency throughout the process, offering precise progress updates without becoming intrusive. You’ll have a clear understanding of who is on your property, the ongoing activities, and the methods employed.

No gamble in choosing a commercial general contractor

Managing commercial assets is pivotal for businesses, influencing how they are perceived by customers, employees, and suppliers. As the best general contractors in Dallas, our objective is to elevate or revamp your infrastructure in alignment with branding goals, budget constraints, and timelines. Our focus is on ensuring the seamless daily operations of your company.

Repeat business, not change orders, is our pursuit

We operate with the utmost honesty. As a well-established 5/5 reviewed business, we’re not desperate for work or inclined to churn clients. Unlike those who lure you in with a low-ball quote and set traps for change orders, a practice we disapprove of, we provide clarity. We inform you precisely about your needs and non-needs, eliminating the possibility of hidden extras.

Highly recommended for painting contracts

With a 5-star client-reviewed customer service and workforce, our references speak to our transparency. From accent walls to room painting, our crew consistently delivers the high-quality results expected from the best general contractors in Dallas.

Our exceptional GC Process

Distinguishing ourselves as seasoned commercial general contractors, Arrant Construction brings a refined approach to interior projects. Our comprehensive services span from drywall repairs and wallcoverings to expert texturing and the application of top-tier paints, ensuring every detail aligns with the highest standards.

Arrant Construction is a licensed commercial general contractor in Texas and serves customers in Houston, Dallas, Richmond, Sugar Land and other areas across the state of Texas.

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The duration of a commercial project executed by general contractors in Dallas can be identified using the output on average relative to the volume of the structure.
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