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Bathroom Remodel with Top Plumbing Upgrades

Bathroom Remodel with Top Plumbing Upgrades

Whether you’re new to your home or it’s time for some exciting improvement projects for a space that you’ve been making work, bathroom upgrades are one of the best ways to add value to your home when you focus on:

Repairing Existing Problems: Addressing existing problems is crucial to a successful bathroom remodel. By attending to any lingering issues, you not only prevent further damage but also lay the foundation for a more functional and visually appealing space.

Improving Safety: Prioritizing safety upgrades is a wise choice for any bathroom renovation project. Incorporating features that promote safety, such as slip-resistant flooring or strategically placed grab bars, adds a layer of protection and contributes to the space’s overall appeal.

Increasing Space: Make the most of your bathroom’s layout by implementing space-enhancing solutions. Whether it’s clever storage options, optimizing layout design, or utilizing space-saving fixtures, creating a more spacious and efficient bathroom is key to a successful upgrade.

Adding Functionality: Focus on functionality by incorporating features that cater to your specific needs. From smart storage solutions to energy-efficient fixtures, these additions not only streamline your daily routine but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious and modern bathroom.

Enhancing Aesthetics: Improve the aesthetics of your bathroom with carefully chosen design elements. Whether it’s updating the vanity, selecting stylish fixtures, or incorporating a cohesive color scheme, enhancing the visual appeal of your bathroom adds a touch of luxury and sophistication.

You’ll also be able to enjoy getting ready for the day and unwinding in the evenings much more easily when your bathroom fits your needs. Whether you renovate one small task at a time or decide to gut the entire bathroom, your updates can go a long way.

Bathroom’s Functionality and Aesthetics

Whether or not you’re considering selling your home in the near future, investing in bathroom upgrades, both small and substantial, can yield returns of over 93% on your investment. This ensures that you not only enjoy the immediate improvements in functionality and outlook but also optimize your home’s overall value for potential future resale. The longevity of your investment, however, depends on the choice of high-quality materials and installation techniques. It’s crucial to prioritize durability to guarantee that your bathroom renovations stand the test of time.

Concealed Tank Toilets & Water-Efficient Toilets

When envisioning an upscale bathroom, the toilet tank is conspicuously absent, and this design choice is intentional. Hidden tank toilets have their tanks mounted inside the wall, creating a sophisticated appearance and maximizing space. 

If concealed tanks don’t align with your preferences, there are alternative ways to enhance your toilet, such as: 

– Optimal Seat Height 

– Low-Flow Flushing 

– Dual Flushing 

– Quiet-Close Lids 

– Heated Seats 

– Larger, Softer Seats 

– Built-In Bidet

Choosing low-flow options not only conserves water with each flush but also adds value to your property. The key consideration for low-flow toilets, and toilets in general, is the ability to achieve effective flushing in a single attempt.

Establishing criteria for your toilet selection and comparing flush scores can guide you in making an informed decision. Our team is knowledgeable about various toilet types, assisting you in weighing the pros and cons to determine the best fit for your home. 

Enhanced Drainage with Larger Pipes

While a larger drain may not be visibly evident, its impact on drainage quality is significant. Standard bathroom drains are typically 1.5″ (potentially as small as 1.25″) but upgrading to a 2″ drain can substantially improve water flow and reduce drain clogs. This is especially beneficial in households with multiple individuals sharing bathrooms.

Water-Efficient Showerheads, Including Handheld Options

Inexpensive compared to traditional counterparts, low-flow showerhead systems dispense less water, leading to substantial water savings annually. This not only benefits the environment but also lowers your water bills. Consider upgrading to a handheld showerhead for added accessibility or a rainfall showerhead for a refreshing and natural shower experience.

Water Temperature Control Solutions

In urban residences, a concerning 41% of homes exhibit hazardous water temperatures, with rental properties posing an elevated risk of unsafe levels. Safeguard your household, particularly if you have children or seniors, by integrating anti-scald devices. These devices, also referred to as tempering or mixing valves, effectively blend cold water with hot water from your heater, ensuring a comfortable and safe temperature.

Enhanced Plumbing 

When undertaking a bathroom remodel that involves the replacement of toilets, sinks, or showers, it’s prudent to explore the installation of high-quality plumbing systems, particularly if you’re dealing with aging or potentially concealed leaks. Galvanized steel pipes, commonly found in older systems, are susceptible to corrosion, while copper pipes may suffer from hard water leaks. Proactively addressing these concerns during your renovation can prevent future complications.

Efficient Faucet Technology

Enhance the eco-friendliness of your sinks with motion-sensor faucets. These innovative fixtures automatically shut off after a brief period, promoting water conservation. Beyond their environmental benefits, these faucets eliminate the need for handle contact, reducing the risk of bacterial transmission.

Optimized Vanity Spaces

Upgrade your bathroom functionality by exchanging a petite, single sink for a double-sink vanity with added storage capacity. This not only accommodates multiple users simultaneously but also transforms your bathroom’s focal point into elegant vanity. Even if no other alterations are made, a well-crafted bathroom vanity can significantly improve the overall ambiance of the space.


Why are plumbing upgrades essential during a remodel?

Plumbing upgrades are crucial to ensure the integrity of your bathroom. They address potential issues, such as leaks or outdated materials, promoting the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system.

What role does a bathroom vanity play in a remodel?

A bathroom vanity serves as a focal point, providing both functional storage space and contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Why should I consider upgrading my bathroom?

Upgrading your bathroom can enhance comfort, modernize its look, and potentially increase the overall value of your home

What does a bathroom remodel typically involve?

A bathroom remodel generally includes upgrading fixtures, enhancing aesthetics, and improving functionality to meet your specific needs.

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