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9 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Pro Roofer

9 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Pro Roofer

The roof is hands-down, the most important feature a home can offer. After all, it’s the very “roof” on top of our heads that we call home. Now for the technical part, a roof still plays the top role in a house, from shielding a home and its occupants from the scorching heat, to sustaining a home against everything, be it rain or hail, snow or wind. Beyond regulating the internal temperature, a roof significantly contributes to a home’s overall value, especially in terms of resale.  

That’s why it’s crucial to hire the expertise of skilled professionals when seeking assistance for your roof. This ensures that your roof remains in optimal condition. Let’s explore a few reasons highlighting the importance of hiring a professional roofer to address your roofing requirements. 

Cost Effective 

Incorrect installation of your roof may lead to costly damages to your building, requiring extensive repairs. The time invested in the roof installation process adds to the overall commitment. Collaborating with a skilled roofing professional ensures the efficient and effective performance of roof services, minimizing the expenses associated with maintaining a sound roof. Moreover, professionals offer preventive maintenance services, averting potential roof damage. Choose cost-effective roofing solutions to safeguard your building and streamline the maintenance process. 

Access to Appropriate Gear 

With roofing services, having access to appropriate equipment and tools is crucial. When you hire a professional roofing service, you can rest assured that the necessary tools will be readily available, eliminating the need for you to rent equipment independently. 

Material Excellence 

The quality of a roof is inherently tied to the materials used in its construction. Partnering with professionals ensures that your roof will be crafted from top-notch materials, significantly enhancing its overall condition and longevity. 

Expertise Matters 

Experience plays a pivotal role in the outcome of your roofing project. Collaborating with seasoned experts ensures high-quality results. Consulting with professionals allows you to tap into their wealth of experience, guaranteeing a job well done. 

Safety First 

Attempting to work on your roof without the necessary expertise can pose significant safety risks. Professional roofers are equipped with the experience to execute tasks safely, working at heights with various materials. Additionally, their insurance coverage provides protection for both you and the workers. 

Time Efficiency 

DIY roofing projects often consume an extended timeframe. Professional roofers, armed with skills and experience, can expedite the process, ensuring prompt completion while saving you valuable personal time. 

Warranty Assurance 

Opting for professional services often comes with the added benefit of a warranty. This safeguard ensures that your roof remains in optimal condition, and in case of issues, repairs can be conducted with minimal expense. 


A professional roofer is dedicated to delivering high-quality results. The workmanship employed in constructing your roof significantly influences its longevity and overall condition. Trusting professionals ensures the creation of a roof of the utmost quality. 

Lasting Outcomes 

The longevity of your roof directly impacts replacement timelines and potential damages. Professional roofers guarantee enduring results, ensuring that your roof remains in excellent condition for an extended period. 

8 Common Roof Types 


Reflect on your initial crayon depiction of a home, and you’ll likely recall sketching a gable roof. Essentially, it forms a triangle with its base resting atop the house and the two sides ascending to meet at the ridge. The slopes of a gable roof can vary significantly, ranging from steep chalet-style designs to gentler gradients. 

A highly popular roof style, the gable suits various home designs. It allows for embellishments like front gables over entryways or a crossed gable design, featuring two ridges set at right angles. 


Also known as a bullnose, the clipped gable roof retains the basic gable shape, with two sides ascending to converge at a ridge. However, it incorporates an element from hip roofs: the top peaks are “bent in,” creating small hips at the ends of the roof ridge. 

These hips not only add intriguing architectural details to homes but also serve as a showcase for high-performance, designer shingles. 


The Dutch gable roof blends design elements from both gable and hip roofs. A miniature gable roof, or “gablet,” sits atop a traditional hip roof. 

The gable portion provides homeowners with increased attic space, and it can be equipped with windows to introduce additional sunlight. 


Imagine a classic red barn with white trim, and you’ve envisioned a gambrel roof. It features two sides, each with two slopes—one steep and one gentle. This design allows the upper floor to be used as an attic room or loft. Adding windows to the sides of the gambrel roof brings in natural light and enhances the utilization of the upper story. 

The steep sections of gambrel roofs are highly visible, prompting homeowners to carefully consider the appearance of their chosen roofing shingles. 


A traditional hip roof consists of four equal-length slopes converging to form a simple ridge. Variations include a half-hip with two shorter sides featuring eaves. 

If your home has a hip roof, most of it is visible when viewed. Therefore, the type and color of roofing shingles installed on a hip roof significantly contribute to the overall exterior look of your home. 


Exemplified by the Louvre Museum in Paris, the mansard roof derives its classic shape from French architecture. This four-sided design with double slopes has very steep lower slopes, which can be either flat or curved. 

Although originating in France, the mansard roof gained popularity in the United States. It allows homeowners to maximize the upper story with abundant interior attic space and multiple windows, especially appealing when dormers are added. 


When envisioning flat roofs, thoughts of strip malls and industrial complexes may arise. However, between 1945 and 1970, many mid-century modern architects embraced flat rooflines for creating dream homes. Flat roofs complemented the period’s aesthetic, blending with the environment and offering spacious open floor plans. Some homes feature a limited flat surface area, with the remaining roof adopting a gable or hip design. Additionally, flat roofs are utilized in home additions to provide extra second-floor living space. 


For enthusiasts of modern home designs, the shed roof, resembling half of a traditional gable, is likely to be appreciated. While historically used for porches and additions, the shed roof now graces entire structures in ultra-modern builds. Shed roofs typically have lower slopes, with 4 in 12 and below being the most common, although steeper slopes expedite water runoff. It’s essential to note that “flat” doesn’t imply complete horizontality—some incline is necessary to facilitate water drainage. 


Hiring the services of a professional roofer brings forth numerous advantages for your rooftop. Experience top-quality services that enhance the longevity and durability of your roof. For more insights into the reasons to collaborate with professionals and to explore our services, contact Arrant Construction today! 


Why should I opt for professional roofing services over DIY methods?

Professional roofers bring unmatched expertise and efficiency to ensure the success and longevity of your project. 

How do professional roofers enhance the quality of roofing materials? 

Skilled professionals enhance your roof’s durability by using premium materials, contributing to its long-term resilience. 

What safety measures do professional roofers implement during roofing services? 

Professional roofers employ safety protocols and expertise to ensure a secure environment for both you and the workers. 

Can professional roofing services save me time compared to a DIY approach?

Yes, professional roofers provide time-efficient solutions, allowing for a prompt and hassle-free completion of your roofing project. 

Is there a warranty with professional roofing services, and how does it benefit me? 

Yes, professional roofing services often come with a warranty, providing assurance that safeguards your investment and ensures your roof’s ongoing condition.

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