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5 Points to Grasp Regarding the Initial Construction Steps

5 Points to Grasp Regarding the Initial Construction Steps

When delegating your project to a commercial contractor, you anticipate a level of professionalism extending from groundwork to project completion. It’s essential to have a collaborator who not only delivers during the construction phase but also excels in preliminary planning. At Arrant Construction, we specialize in comprehensive pre-planning tactics, drawing upon extensive industry know-how to ensure your commercial construction projects start off on the right foot. Below, we outline five essential elements that lay the groundwork for success in commercial construction projects. 

Establishing Cost Control

At the heart of every project lies a crucial element: the budget. However, accuracy in the initial estimation is crucial. While these figures are approximations, they must be grounded in reliable factors. Utilizing our expertise in accounting, we generate comprehensive cost summaries including materials, labor, and logistical considerations. Leveraging our extensive network within the industry enables us to secure competitive rates from trusted suppliers and subcontractors. Furthermore, we outline the expenses associated with each phase of project management. Your input is valued as we refine our projections to align with your expectations. This approach ensures effective cost control, thereby safeguarding your project’s financial integrity. 

Master Planning Through Pre-Planning 

Our status as one of the premier commercial general contractors in the region stems from our commitment to thorough pre-planning. Before the blueprint transforms into reality, it undergoes thorough analysis to support smooth construction processes. We establish clear objectives and implement impeccable protocols, including precise accounting practices, stringent on-site safety measures, and efficient subcontractor coordination. This proactive approach provides you with a clear understanding of what lies ahead, coupled with the assurance of reliable contingency plans. By pre-planning, our services deliver project management control synonymous with expert master planners. 

Initiating Project Management Before Construction Begins

Before the commencement of construction, we kickstart our project management procedures. These methods are carefully crafted to suit each specific phase of the job. This ensures that you are informed beforehand about how our teams intend to maintain the project’s progress. Our thorough feasibility studies play a crucial role in our pre-construction services. They cover a wide range of aspects, from selecting the site to addressing environmental considerations. Our management strategies include accounting, scheduling, and subcontractor supervision. At Arrant Construction, our approach includes thorough oversight planning to ensure the success of your project even before the groundwork begins. 

Relying on Local Expertise for Navigation 

Before advancing from the development phase to actual construction, commercial projects must adhere to a multitude of regulations. With our extensive experience across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, we are adept at navigating the various requirements set by local, state, and federal authorities. Zoning regulations can differ significantly within short distances of a site. An incomplete permitting process has the potential to stall progress or halt it altogether. We not only anticipate these regulations but also possess a deep understanding of their nuances as they apply to your project. Our adeptness in maneuvering through compliance networks ensures smooth sailing before construction commences. 

Prioritizing Transparent Communication 

Distinguishing between your project desires and necessities is crucial. Striking a balance between the two prevents unexpected cost escalations and delays. Our teams conduct thorough project assessments that clearly delineate your options. We provide you with the necessary guidance to comprehend the best choices available to you. We consider ourselves your partners in the decision-making process, recognizing that budgets, schedules, and procurement plans may undergo changes prior to construction commencement. You deserve transparent and professional communication throughout the pre-planning phase to keep expectations grounded in reality. 

With the knowledge gained from our extensive background in pre-construction services, you can trust in our ability to guide you through the commercial construction process. Our expertise, honed over three decades, ensures thorough pre-planning across all aspects. Arrant Construction, recognized as the top commercial general contractor in the region, is committed to supporting you throughout every step of your building projects. 


What are the initial construction steps? 

Initial construction steps involve the early stages of building, like planning and preparing the site. 

Why are initial construction steps important? 

They set the foundation for a successful construction project by ensuring everything is ready before actual building begins. 

What does pre-construction entail? 

Pre-construction involves tasks like site surveys, obtaining permits, and creating a detailed plan for construction. 

Who oversees the initial construction steps? 

Qualified professionals like architects, engineers, and project managers typically manage the initial construction process. 

How long do initial construction steps take? 

The duration varies depending on factors like project size and complexity, but they usually precede the actual building phase and can take several weeks to months.

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