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4 Different Types of Bathroom Remodels for a Stylish Bathroom Upgrade

4 Different Types of Bathroom Remodels for a Stylish Bathroom Upgrade

Revamping your bathroom is like giving your home a fresh new look. Everyone has their unique reasons for taking the plunge. Some want a stylish facelift for their old master bathroom, while others dream of swapping their tub for a more spacious shower.   

Whatever you plan for a bathroom remodel, one thing is for certain: a bathroom upgrade is a smart move. It is not just about sprucing up; it is an investment that ranks high in-home renovation returns.  

So, if you are ready to renovate your bathroom and planning to hire a bathroom remodeler, you must first determine the specific type of remodel that aligns with your vision. In this blog, we will explore four distinct types of bathroom remodels designed to bring both style and functionality to your space. 

  • Cosmetic Bathroom Remodels 

Cosmetic bathroom remodels focus on enhancing the visual appeal of your space without making significant structural changes. This type of remodel is ideal for those seeking a fresh look without the need for extensive renovations.  

It often involves updating fixtures, paint, tiles, lighting, and other aesthetic elements to give the bathroom a modern or personalized touch. Cosmetic remodels are a cost-effective way to revitalize the appearance of your bathroom, making it more visually appealing and enjoyable without a major overhaul. 

  • Floor Plan Changes 

Opting for floor plan changes in your bathroom remodel involves a more comprehensive transformation, going beyond cosmetic updates. This type of remodel typically includes alterations to the layout and spatial arrangement of your master bathroom. It might involve repositioning fixtures, such as moving the shower, toilet, or vanity to optimize space and functionality.  

Floor plan changes can contribute to a more efficient and personalized use of the bathroom, accommodating your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are aiming for an open layout, better flow, or improved accessibility, adjusting the floor plan allows for a significant transformation. Moreover, for this, you will also need to collaborate with a skilled bathroom remodeler to ensure a significant transformation in the spatial dynamics of your bathroom. 

  • Bathroom Addition 

A bathroom addition involves expanding your home’s footprint to include a new bathroom space. This type of remodel is ideal for growing families, those looking to enhance convenience, or individuals wanting to increase the overall value of their property. Bathroom additions can range from creating a new master suite with an attached bathroom to adding a small powder room for guests.  

This remodel type requires careful consideration of a bathroom remodeler who can guide you with plumbing, ventilation, and structural elements to seamlessly integrate the new bathroom into your home. Finally, a well-executed addition to your master bathroom can bring both comfort and value to your living space. 

  • Remodeling Bathroom Sinks 

Revamping bathroom sinks is a quick and impactful way to spruce up your space. This remodel can involve changing the sink style, updating the faucet, or even relocating the sink for a fresh look. Whether you prefer a modern vessel sink or a classic basin, a sleek faucet, or a vintage-inspired fixture, these changes can instantly elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics. With a focus on the sink area, this remodel offers a fast and effective way to enhance both the look and functionality of your bathroom. Don’t forget to collaborate with a professional bathroom remodel to ensure seamless execution and expert guidance to remodel your bathroom sink. 

To conclude, a bathroom remodel opens doors to a realm of possibilities, where style meets functionality. If you are planning to remodel your master bathroom, seek expert guidance for the seamless execution of your bathroom. So, Contact Arrant Construction today – turning your bathroom dreams into a stylish reality. 


Do I need a professional for a cosmetic bathroom remodel? 

While cosmetic changes are less complex, hiring a professional ensures a polished finish. They can offer design insights, handle installations, and address any unexpected issues. 

How do I choose the right bathroom remodeler? 

Look for experienced professionals with positive reviews. Check their portfolio, verify licenses, and ask for referrals. A reliable remodeler communicates well and aligns with your vision. 

What trends should I consider for a modern bathroom remodel? 

Popular trends include open shelving, large walk-in showers, smart technology integration, and sustainable materials. Your choice should align with your personal style and preferences.

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