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21 Decorating Ideas to Update Your Bathroom

21 Decorating Ideas to Update Your Bathroom

Updating bathrooms is usually not the first thing we think about when improving our homes. But having a nice, useful, and stylish bathroom can make our days better. It can help mornings go smoother and let us relax after a long day. 

So, why not look for bathroom update ideas to make them look better? Check these 21 ideas can give you inspiration to make small or big changes, like getting new things or redoing everything. 

Incorporate a Bold Statement Mirror  

A statement mirror that stands out with its bold and captivating design, often becoming the focal point of a room. Its striking features and unique style add character and flair to any space, instantly elevating the aesthetic appeal and reflecting individuality in its design. 

Apply Paint to the Bottom Section of the Walls 

Enhancing walls by painting the lower portion introduces a creative and visually dynamic element to the room. This technique, known as two-tone or half-painted walls, involves coloring the lower part of the wall, typically below a chair rail or at a specific height, to add depth, character, and a sense of dimension to the space. It’s a versatile and stylish way to experiment with colors and create a unique visual impact without overwhelming the room. 

Consider Purchasing New Storage Baskets 

Investing in fresh storage baskets not only declutters your space but also introduces a touch of organization and style. These baskets come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. They serve as versatile storage solutions, helping to tidy up any room while adding a decorative element to shelves, countertops, or closets. 

Choose a Large Shower Over a Bathtub. 

Opting for a spacious shower instead of a bathtub represents a significant change in bathroom design. This bathroom update emphasizes the preference for ample shower space, potentially incorporating luxurious features like rainfall showerheads, seating, or multiple showerheads. It not only saves space but also reflects a contemporary and more open layout. Meanwhile, this shift caters to modern preferences for functionality and relaxation in the bathroom. 

Experiment with a Contemporary-Style Sink 

Embracing a modern sink design introduces sleek, clean lines and innovative features into the bathroom. Modern sinks often showcase minimalist aesthetics, varying shapes, and materials like glass, stone, or stainless steel. They can come in floating, pedestal, or vessel styles, contributing to an updated and stylish ambiance while offering functionality and ease of use. 

Opt for a Standalone Bathtub. 

Selecting a freestanding bathtub brings a touch of luxury and elegance to the bathroom updates. These tubs, not attached to any walls, offer versatility in placement, allowing for creative positioning within the space. They come in various designs, from classic clawfoot styles to more modern and sculptural forms. It also adds a focal point that exudes sophistication and relaxation, transforming the bathroom into a spa-like retreat. 

Swap Out the Bathmat for an Actual Rug 

Opting for a genuine rug instead of a traditional bathmat introduces a touch of warmth and style to the bathroom updates. A real rug, typically made of higher-quality materials like cotton, wool, or even bamboo, offers both functionality and an aesthetic boost. It can bring texture, color, and a cozy feel to the space while also being more durable and adding an element of sophistication to the bathroom décor. 

Opt for a Stool Made from a Wooden Stump 

A wood stump stool is a natural and rustic seating option crafted from a single tree stump or log. These stools retain the natural shape and texture of the wood, often showcasing unique grain patterns and imperfections. They serve as versatile and charming additions to any space, providing a touch of organic beauty. It also adds functionality as seating or as decorative elements, adding a rustic, earthy feel to the room. 

Craft a Message Using Mosaic Tiles 

Creating a message with mosaic tiles involves arranging small, colored pieces of tile to form words, patterns, or images. This transformative and visually striking technique allows for personal expression and artistic flair within space.  

Experiment with an Unconventional Pendant Lamp 

A unique pendant lamp adds an element of individuality and style to a room’s lighting. These distinctive fixtures come in various shapes, materials, and designs, deviating from standard lighting options. They serve as eye-catching focal points, hanging from the ceiling to illuminate and enhance the ambiance while also contributing to the overall aesthetics of the space. 

Install Large Hooks for Hanging Towels with Fringe 

Hanging oversized hooks in the bathroom serves both functional and decorative purposes. These sizable hooks provide a convenient spot to hang towels adorned with fringe, adding a touch of texture and style to the space. The combination of large hooks and decorative fringe towels not only offers a practical solution for towel storage but also contributes to the room’s visual appeal. 

Incorporate Lavish Curtains Around the Bathtub 

Introducing luxurious curtains around the bathtub creates a sense of opulence and privacy in the bathroom. These drapes, made from rich and elegant fabrics, can be drawn to envelop the tub, offering seclusion and a spa-like atmosphere. The addition of lush curtains not only adds a touch of sophistication but also elevates the bathing experience, transforming the space into a cozy and indulgent retreat.  

Enhance Storage Using Vintage Apothecary Cabinets 

Vintage apothecary cabinets offer a unique blend of storage and old-world charm in the bathroom. Updates. These cabinets, reminiscent of traditional pharmacy storage, feature multiple drawers or compartments, providing ample space to organize toiletries, towels, and bathroom essentials. Their rustic yet elegant design adds character and a touch of history to the space, while also offering functional storage solutions that evoke a sense of vintage allure. 

Experiment with a Stylish Black and White Color Scheme 

Embracing a chic black and white color palette represents a bold and transformative shift in the bathroom’s design. This classic yet contemporary approach involves incorporating black and white tones into the decor, from tiles and fixtures to accessories and accents. The contrast between these two colors creates a sophisticated and visually striking ambiance.  

Opt for Diverse and Varied Tiled Floors 

Choosing eclectic tiled floors signifies a departure from uniformity, embracing a mix of different tile styles, shapes, colors, or patterns within the flooring. This bold and creative bathroom update approach results in a visually dynamic and unique floor design. Combining various tiles, whether it’s Moroccan-inspired patterns, geometric shapes, or contrasting colors, adds personality and vibrancy to the space. It transforms the floor into an artistic focal point that elevates the overall ambiance of the room. 

Incorporate Vibrant and Colorful Tiles as an Accent 

Introducing colorful tiles as accents represents a bold departure from conventional design. By strategically placing vibrant tiles amidst a more neutral backdrop, these accents inject personality and visual interest into the space. Whether as a border, a backsplash, or interspersed within a larger tile design, these bursts of color create focal points, adding liveliness and energy to the room.  

Incorporate Wire and Wood Elements 

Adding wire and wood elements to the bathroom updates design introduces a blend of natural textures and industrial accents. Wood brings warmth and organic charm, while wire elements offer a touch of modernity and sleekness. These materials can be used in various ways, from wooden shelving or countertops to wire baskets or light fixtures. It will contribute to a balanced and visually appealing mix of rustic and contemporary styles within the space. 

Enhance the Space with Art and Greenery 

Introducing art pieces and plants into the bathroom transforms it into a more vibrant and inviting area. Artwork, whether paintings, prints, or sculptures, adds personality and visual interest, serving as focal points on the walls. Meanwhile, plants bring a touch of nature, purifying the air and infusing the room with a refreshing ambiance. Both elements together create a harmonious blend, adding life, color, and character to the bathroom environment. 

Utilize Sink Caddies to Organize Decorative Soaps 

Sink caddies serve as practical organizers, creating a designated space for displaying aesthetically pleasing soaps. These caddies come in various designs, from wire baskets to sleek trays, providing a stylish and tidy solution for showcasing decorative or artisanal soaps near the sink area. Not only do they keep the soaps easily accessible, but they also add a decorative touch, elevating the overall look and feel of the bathroom countertop. 

Install Shelves Underneath a Console Sink 

Adding shelving beneath a console sink maximizes storage and functionality in the bathroom. These shelves can be mounted directly beneath the sink, providing a convenient space to store towels, toiletries, or decorative items while optimizing the use of vertical space. It’s a practical and stylish solution, offering both storage capabilities and an opportunity to showcase decorative accents, enhancing the overall appeal of the bathroom updates. 

Experiment with a Wood Plank Wall 

Installing a wood plank wall brings warmth and texture to the bathroom’s decor. This design feature involves affixing wooden planks horizontally or vertically on a section of the wall, adding a rustic and natural element to the space.  

To conclude, investing in your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality can truly redefine your home experience. These bathroom updates bring a touch of elegance and comfort to your daily routine. For professional assistance and expert guidance in bringing these transformative ideas to life, reach out to Arrant Construction. Let’s turn your bathroom vision into a reality.  


How can I ensure durability in my bathroom update choices? 

Opt for high-quality materials like porcelain or ceramic tiles, quartz countertops, and stainless-steel fixtures. Ensure proper sealing and installation to enhance longevity.  

How do I choose the right color scheme for my bathroom update? 

Consider the mood you want to create. Lighter colors can make a small space feel larger, while darker tones add drama. Also, think about the existing elements like tiles and fixtures to ensure harmony.

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