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2024's Hottest Wood Flooring Trends

2024’s Hottest Wood Flooring Trends

2024 is bringing forth fresh trends in commercial and retail flooring, influencing decisions for businesses sprucing up their spaces. Whether it’s collaborating with a commercial general contractor for a retail venture, office expansion, or launching a new restaurant, the aspect of flooring takes center stage. Factors such as finish, texture, and patterns hold sway over the ultimate choice, making it crucial to stay abreast of contemporary ideas.

Here’s a glimpse into the emerging trends for 2024 across commercial and retail sectors, shaping the landscape of flooring choices:


While some may gravitate towards conventional approaches in commercial wood flooring, the prevailing trend indicates a shift towards injecting vibrancy. Thus, opting to cultivate an expansive ambiance with bright undertones suggests that a blonde flooring solution could be apt.

Alternatively, adhering to the enduring popularity of gray tones presents an opportunity to foster a tranquil environment, aligning with the desired ambiance of certain businesses.

Choosing a divergent path with dark-stained floors introduces richer hues that immediately captivate attention. However, a potential drawback of this choice lies in its tendency to accentuate dirt and create an illusion of reduced space within the room.

Wood Variety

When it comes to retail flooring, the key is to create an inviting atmosphere for customers. This involves considering various types of wood, each with its own appeal. Traditional options such as bamboo remain popular due to their durability and classic look. Meanwhile, cork is gaining popularity for its eco-friendly properties.

Additionally, there is growing interest in engineered and reclaimed wood. Engineered wood is favored in busy environments due to its easy maintenance, appealing to places where cleanliness is a priority. On the other hand, reclaimed wood appeals to those who prioritize sustainability and recycling. With the upcoming change in leadership in the White House, there is expected to be a renewed interest in American-made wood products, resonating with patriotic consumers.


While shiny floors have long been associated with a dedication to cleanliness, there are instances where emphasizing the floor might not be advantageous. Instead, opting for flat flooring options has become increasingly favored in certain environments.

As of 2024, the two most sought-after options are anticipated to be matte and satin finishes. Matte has gained significant traction, particularly due to its current surge in popularity, which experts predict could endure for the foreseeable future. This newfound appeal stands in stark contrast to its previous reputation for appearing dull and lackluster.

On the other hand, selecting satin finishes offers a more conservative approach, given its sustained favor among consumers. The glossy appearance is a primary factor contributing to its enduring popularity. For commercial general contractors responsible for such decisions, understanding the overarching philosophy of the business facilitates the decision-making process.


The traditional linear appearance no longer holds relevance, as angled commercial wood flooring creates an impression of increased value, surpassing initial cost expectations. Companies aiming to distinguish themselves may opt for this approach. Furthermore, herringbone wood patterns, now featuring elongated planks, not only create the illusion of spaciousness but also provide a distinctive aesthetic appeal. 

Moreover, the demand for wood flooring with broader planks has surged, prompting manufacturers to embrace this trend. Whether opting for wide plank or mixed-width options, the choice between conventional and bold remains, yet the enduring popularity of this trend remains steadfast.

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What are some popular wood flooring trends for 2024?

Some trending styles for wood flooring in 2024 include wide planks, reclaimed wood, and matte finishes.

Is it true that gray-toned wood flooring is in demand this year?

Yes, gray-toned wood flooring continues to be a popular choice for its modern and versatile appeal.

Are eco-friendly wood flooring options gaining traction?

Absolutely! Many consumers are opting for sustainable wood flooring options, such as bamboo and reclaimed wood, to minimize environmental impact.

How can I incorporate wood flooring trends into my home design?

You can easily update your space by choosing trendy wood flooring options like herringbone patterns or incorporating contrasting wood tones for a contemporary look.

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