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Ideas for Small Bathrooms Remodels

20 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Small Bathrooms Remodels

Remodeling small bathrooms can be challenging, especially when you are on a budget. However, with the right ideas and strategies, you can significantly change your small bathroom or powder room designs without breaking the bank. Wondering how to achieve this transformation?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you. In this article, we’ll explore 20 budget-friendly ideas for small bathroom remodels that can help you achieve the perfect look for your bathroom without spending too much. Get ready to transform your bathrooms into stylish and appealing places with these small bathroom ideas for remodeling.

1. Give a Modern Black and White Look to your Old-Fashioned Bathrooms

One budget-friendly idea for small bathroom remodels is to give it a modern black and white look. A modern black-and-white color scheme can instantly update an old-fashioned bathroom without a major renovation. One way you can achieve this is by painting the walls and ceiling in white color. Then add black accents such as a black vanity, shower curtain, shower, faucets, black framed mirror, and black fixtures. Try to replace all the old hardware with a new one that is sleek and black.

Moreover, to make it more appealing, add a few accessories in bold patterns or textures, such as a black and white striped rug or a geometric print shower curtain.

This combination creates a timeless and elegant look that can transform an old-fashioned bathroom into a sleek and modern space. Plus, the black and white decor is easy to find and can be easily incorporated into your existing bathroom design to update your overall bathroom.

2. Transform your old Impractical Bathtubs into Practical Showers

If you have an old bathtub that is rarely used, you can transform it into a practical shower to make better use of the space. This can be done by removing the bathtub and installing a walk-in shower. You can choose from various types of shower enclosures, such as a frameless glass enclosure or a prefabricated acrylic enclosure.

There are a variety of options to do this and most importantly they are affordable and easy to install. Moreover, they come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your bathroom’s layout and design. If you are looking for more, you can also change the remaining hardware and paint the entire room a fresh color for an elegant look. This transformation can make your bathroom more functional and appealing.

3. Replace Outdated Fixtures and beautify the Look

Bored of using the same old fixtures? So why don’t you change them? This budget-friendly idea can give a modern and new look to your bathroom. There are a variety of options to do this;

  • Add modern chrome or brush nickel faucet
  • Add rainfall showerhead
  • Install LED lighting and dimmer switches
  • Add a decorative mirror
  • Glass shower enclosure
  • Modern design toilet

These are some ideas to modernize the look of your bathrooms that are starting to look out of date.

4. Turn Bare and Neutral Tones into Colorful and Lively Ones

When it comes to bathrooms, we often overlook their design, when first building or buying our homes. This leads to the bathrooms often being painted in light and dull colors that may make them look boring and lack ambiance. But the good news is now you can change the boring look and stay within budget. Here are some ways to make it colorful and lively.

  • Paint the walls with vibrant colors
  • Change wall tiles; Use patterned or colorful tiles
  • Incorporate colorful accessories and storage
  • Add vibrant lights; such as spotlights or brighter LED lights

5. Use Mix Modern and Antique styles

Achieving a mix of modern and antique styles in your small bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive, and can create a unique and eclectic look. This can be achieved by adding new decor to your old one and by combining antique and modern items. We know some antique decoration pieces may be expensive, but you may easily find them in garage sales and thrift stores or even in some retail stores. Antique-looking mirrors are all the rage these days and many home décor stores and outlets carry them. Here are some possible ideas to give a modern and antique look to your bathroom;

  • Add antique and/or modern fixtures
  • Mix different textures like marble, wood, glass, or vinyl
  • Use modern color look with antique accessories and fixtures
  • Pair a vintage mirror with a modern sink or vanity

6. Apply Patterned Wallpapers

Add patterned wallpaper to remodel your bathroom. Apply moisture-resistant wallpaper to one wall or all the walls. Choose the right pattern and color scheme for your bathroom by considering the size of your washroom. If you have a small-sized bathroom, large, patterned wallpaper might overwhelm the space. Once you have decided on the wallpaper, you can also use accessories like rugs, towels, and toiletries to complement the colors and pattern.

7. Create a Relaxing Spa-like Atmosphere:

Creating a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is a budget-friendly idea that can transform your bathroom into a peaceful and rejuvenating space. Think of some creative changes you can do, like adding scented candles or essential oils, incorporating plants and greenery, investing in soft bath accessories like towels and bathmats, painting the walls with soft colors, etc. There is a lot, you can do, and this can make a significant impact without spending a lot of money. Upgrading your showerhead or installing a dimmer switch for soft lighting can also add to the relaxing ambiance.

8. Embrace Minimalism and Simplicity

Embracing minimalism and simplicity is a great way to create a calm and uncluttered space in your small bathroom without breaking the bank. You can do this by following these tips.

  • Declutter and get rid of items that you no longer need.
  • Choose a neutral color scheme to create a simple look
  • Don’t overdo your restroom with extra accessories. Keep it simple
  • Add accessories made of natural materials like wood and stone,

9. Remodel your Bathroom by Replacing the Vanity

Get rid of the old-fashioned vanity and replace it with a new one. This will give your bathroom a fresh new look and is possible on a smaller budget. There are a variety of new vanity designs available on the market, that you can choose to modernize your bathroom. You can also opt for a custom vanity. Measure the size of the space for your vanity and think about the storage you need and get your vanity customized accordingly. You may need to hire a professional for this. They’ll not only have custom vanity options but also install them and may guide you about the accessories required to revamp the overall look of your bathroom.

10. Installing Shelving and Storage Racks

Installing shelving and storage racks in your small bathroom is an affordable and effective way to increase storage space and organization. First, assess your storage needs and identify the best spots for shelves or racks. Next, look for affordable options that fit your space and style. Open shelving is easy to install and on-trend these days. Instead of doing everything on your own, consider hiring a professional who can help you stay within your budget and achieve the changes you are looking for in your bathroom remodel.

11. Upgrade The Old Toilet Seat

Upgrading your toilet seat is a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a new look without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how to do it in a budget-friendly way;

  •  Shop around and look for toilet seats that are affordable and well-made. You can find them in hardware stores, home improvement stores, or online retailers.
  • Look for deals and sales or discounts on toilet seats that fit your needs and budget.
  • Choose a simple design because fancy toilet seats can be expensive.
  • Choose a basic design that is durable and functional, without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

12. Use Soft Lighting

Creating a cozy and relaxing ambiance in your small bathroom using soft lighting can be a budget-friendly way to transform your space. Consider these three tips to use soft lighting in your bathroom while staying within the budget;

  • Replace all the harsh overhead lighting with warm and soft bulbs
  • Install dimmer switches to control the lighting
  • Install accent lightings such as LED strips or small lamps in strategic places like behind the mirror or above the bathtub

13. Update Showerhead and Faucets

Upgrading your showerhead and faucets is an easy and affordable way to give your small bathroom a fresh new look. Look for showerheads and faucets that have a modern and stylish design. You can find affordable options that come in a variety of finishes such as chrome, brass, or brushed nickel.

Consider purchasing water-saving showerheads and faucets to help reduce your water consumption. You can also shop them for deals and sales that are quite budget friendly.

14. Upgrading the Ventilation, Windows, and Airflow

Upgrading the ventilation, windows, and airflow in your small bathroom can make a big difference in the overall comfort and cleanliness of the space. If your windows are old or drafty, replacing them can help improve the airflow and bring natural light into your bathroom.

Look for affordable options such as vinyl windows or refurbished windows. If you don’t want to replace your windows, you can add a window film to block them. Using a dehumidifier can help remove moisture from the air and improve the overall air quality. By doing this, you can create a healthier and more comfortable space.

15. Compact Walk in Showers to Stylish Small Bathrooms

Compact walk-in showers are a popular choice for small bathroom remodels as they offer a sleek and modern look while taking up minimal space. These showers typically feature a frameless glass enclosure or a separate place for a shower that creates an elegant look for your washroom.

Moreover, install a rain showerhead that will not only add an aesthetic look to your bathroom but also comes in budget-friendly deals.

16. Updating Floor Treatments

Updating the floor treatments in your small bathroom can completely transform the look and feel of the space. There are a variety of budget-friendly options to choose from, depending on your style and needs. Here are some ideas:

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Ceramic or porcelain
  • Painted floors
  •  Rugs made with withstand moisture like bamboo and cotton
  • Laminate Flooring

17. Inexpensive Artwork

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your bathroom some personality and character is by adding artwork. Framed prints are a great option for those on a budget, as they can be found at home decor stores or online at a reasonable price.

Consider prints that complement the colors and themes of your bathroom decor. Don’t forget that mirrors can also serve as decorative pieces while being practical for your daily routine. Choose a decorative mirror that complements your bathroom design and adds an artistic touch to your walls.

18. Incorporate Textile for Softness and Comfort

Incorporating textiles into your small bathroom remodel is an easy and affordable way to add some softness and comfort to the space. Start by adding a plush rug or runner to your bathroom floor. Not only will it help keep your feet warm and cozy, but it will also add some color or texture to the room.

Consider adding a coordinating shower curtain in a fun or stylish pattern to create a focal point in the space. You can also add some decorative towels, which can be hung on a towel hook or displayed on a towel bar.

Also consider adding blinds or curtains on your windows, to create privacy and soften the look of the room. When selecting textiles for your bathroom, be sure to choose materials that can withstand moisture and humidity and are easily washable, such as cotton or microfiber. By incorporating textiles into your bathroom remodel, you can create a warm and inviting space that feels comfortable and practical.

19. Reduce Clutter with Smart Storage Solutions

Reducing clutter is essential for making any small bathroom remodel feel more spacious and comfortable. Fortunately, many smart storage solutions can help keep your bathroom organized without sacrificing style.

One simple idea is to use over-the-door organizers to store towels, toiletries, and other essentials. You can also install shelves or cabinets above the toilet or sink to maximize vertical space. Additionally, consider using baskets or decorative boxes to store items on open shelves, which can help keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy. You can also add a narrow freestanding cabinet or cart that can provide ample storage without taking up too much floor space. When selecting storage solutions, be sure to choose pieces that complement your bathroom’s decor and color scheme, so that all the elements blend.

20. Give some space to plants

How about creating a green space in your small bathroom? Adding plants to your bathroom not only adds a touch of nature to the space but also provides a range of benefits, including improving air quality, reducing stress, and enhancing relaxation.

You can choose plants that thrive in a humid environment, such as ferns, orchids, or spider plants, and place them on shelves, and windowsills, or even hang them from the ceiling. You can also opt for faux plants that require no maintenance. By adding a touch of greenery to your bathroom, you can transform it into a calming oasis that feels fresh and rejuvenating.

Best Contractors to Remodel Your Bathrooms in Budget-Friendly Way

So here you have it, 20 budget-friendly ways to remodel your bathroom. Give your small bathrooms or powder rooms a refreshing new look with these in-budget small bathroom remodel ideas.

If you are looking for professionals for your bathroom remodeling, Arrant Construction has general contractors who can help guide you with all your bathroom remodeling needs. We aim to provide quality services for your small bathroom remodeling at quite affordable rates. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with creative and innovative solutions to maximize your space, enhance functionality, and improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom. We work closely with our clients to understand their budgets, vision, and goals, and we strive to exceed their expectations in every project we undertake. Contact Arrant Constructions today to schedule a consultation and get started on your bathroom remodeling project.

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