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What We Do

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General Contracting

We Build The World’s Toughest Projects.
We at Arrant Construction are a tech enabled, data driven team. Specializing in providing turnkey building projects for both commercial and residential construction. Our expertise extend across a wide range of fields, including the development of new eateries, the renovation of existing ones, and the remodeling of both commercial and residential spaces.  We invest in our teams and they in turn are fully invested in each of our clients projects ensuring success.
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Project Planning

Join Us To Design Next Project.
Project success requires planning. Our top tier team helps you choose the optimum project strategy. We plan and consult on every component of the project from pre-construction through tenancy. We ensure the project timelines are clearly understood by us and by the client without compromising project deliverables.

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We Start Smart and Delivery Value
We help you figure out what strategy would be best for your commercial or residential project. Whether you’re looking to increase its value, optimize its performance or put it to a new purpose, we can craft a journey for your project. We can share insights on best leading industry practices for your construction projects.
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You Can Envision It, We Can Build It.
Our innovative design team will walk you thru step by step bring your ideas to life. From drawings to renderings, we create designs that help you maximize the value of your new build outs or remodels.

Let The Building Speak

Innovating For The Future By Challenging The Present
Green roofs, solar panels, wind turbines, and other forms of renewable energy, as well as water conservation measures, are all part of our efforts to create environmentally friendly infrastructure. It is our goal that by implementing these energy-saving techniques, we can cut our customers’ energy use in half. These statements are not only hyperbole; they are written into stone as part of our flawless delivery guarantee. Arrant Construction will take your design and build, refurbish, or create plan an expansion plan, cultivate your ideas, and create a beautiful, comfortable space.

Our Projects

From the homes we live in, to the workplaces we spend all day in, there’s a whole raft of architectural styles and spaces with a passionate commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in us gaining planning for the zero carbon and zero waste development.

Wireless Stores, Clothing Stores, Corporate Offices, Community Centers


Fast Food Chains, Coffee House, Cafes, Casual Dining, Formal Dining


All Your Project Requirements Under One Roof

Innovative Design

We think every house and business should be a masterpiece. That's why we make sure our projects are as accurate and detailed as possible.

Adaptive Solutions

We know everyone has business preferences. We customize every project, whether it's a little refurbishment or major construction. We accomplished many prestigious construction projects in the United States and beyond.


Our activities constantly use sustainable building methods. We can install energy-efficient windows or solar panels on your rooftop garden to make your new house as eco-friendly as possible!

Interior/Exterior Remodeling

We provide complete residential and commercial interior and exterior services. We can renovate your kitchen, bathroom, office, or any area you want!

Broad Exposure

Arrant Construction has a long history of successfully completing complicated projects in a wide variety of fields, from commercial and residential buildings to retail and recreation.

Integrated Building Solutions

Arrant Construction has innovative technology division that advances the projects with structured cabling, smart audio solutions, security and monitoring solutions, lighting solutions, energy solutions, solar power systems, Smart Building systems. Providing our customers comprehensive turnkey solutions.


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We've Been There And Done It.

We are a genuine “one-stop shop” for custom houses and home maintenance, taking control from the start to make sure that you have as little to worry about as possible while we get to work on your project.
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We're Chosen By Professionals.

The world’s most reputable infrastructure consulting company, Arrant Construction works closely with customers to find solutions to the most complex challenges and leave lasting legacies for future generations
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Because We Deliver And Save You Money.

As general contractors who have a thorough understanding of building expenses, we tailor each project to your lifestyle and budget, ensuring that you do not pay for concepts or layouts that are neither practical nor cheap.
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